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Thursday, June 4, 2009

"So What If You're Not a Size 8?"

Hello, sunshine!

Today's review is all about how beauty is absolute!
Tall, fun-sized, plus-sized, svelte - you are beautiful. :)

And for this week's shopping indulgence:
So What If You're Not a Size 8?

It sure doesn't mean you can't shop online! :D

From Ugly Duckling RM52 | RM55

I'm loving their latest High Street collection. :D
Insanely stylish but still affordable -
and Sold-Out-Non-Restockable before you get a chance to hesitate!

From Plus Size Store *Nothing above RM20!*

A site that all plus-size shoppers have to bookmark! :D
She brings in really pretty clothes that are, more often than not, Brand New (with tag!).
Very regular updates... but also very quick to get sold out!

From No Plain Days RM38 | Our Mutual Passion RM40 including postage

Not a sentence we read online often: Maxi dresses on Clearance Sales!
Fits up to UK16, adjustable straps, comfy, flowy! :D
Maxi dresses are Magic dresses - kind to all heights, body shapes and sizes. :)

From Home Too Much RM20

Tees! Locally designed and produced, insanely affordable! :D
Check out their site for an explosive collection of funky tees -
these 2 above are just my favourite picks! ;)
Comes in all sizes: from S to XL!
I'm feeling 'orribly tempted to buy the "Fashion Blogger" tee. :P

From Plus Sizes Diva

Shop from a local blogshop - but get your clothes from the U.S. of A. :)
Pick whatever you like from 9 U.S. webstores, and PSD will do the legwork for you.
The Old Navy maxi dress and flared jeans above are each less than 30USD -
lots of even cheaper stuff on those sites. The shipping fees are the killjoy here. :P
Available in all sizes - so you can buy them in bulk with your friends to share the shipping fees!

From Plusfabulous! RM129

Totally Eva Mendes!
Gorgeous-ness of this high-waisted skirt renders words unnecessary.
Only for UK sizes 20 and up. Tell your curviest friends about this skirt! ;)


Vintage treasures, exclusively for the plus-sized!
One of my favourite vintage sites around. :D
Everything's on super clearance sales - be sure to check it out!

From Kim Dresses RM45 | RM60

Anyone can fit into anything on this blogshop! :D
Caters exclusively to kimonos and dresses.
Gorgeous, gorgeous prints on the two dresses above, yeah?
I think the white colour makes them look especially angelic. :)

From Unicorn Shoppe RM39 | From Size 12 Is Not Fat RM30

Two-in-one preppy shirt, ideal for work or uni! Will look great with any belt.
Or maybe hit the basics with these cutesy Size 12 tops! :D

From Rona Anggerik Jingga RM33 | From Wicked Threads RM25

Preloved Espirit blazer.
Purple vintage paisley minidress.

From Vintage Adore RM15 | From Vintage Pod RM28

Happy Polka makes the world a happier place! :D
And checkered boyfriend shirtdresses are all the rage...
For good reason! ;)

From Doublewoot RM48

Denim is perfect for all sizes! :)
Cute denim dresses are perfect for all fashionistas. ;)
Wear it cinched or babydoll loose: two different styles for you to choose!

From D Looking Glass RM35 | RM49

A personal favourite of mine, especially for chilly lecture halls or clammy libraries.
Wear a cropped knit cardi over tube dresses, tank tops, sleeveless tees -
or go all-out with 'em nautical striped hoodies!
Am loving those pockets as well. :D

From Shop N Sense RM49 | RM40

Word on the shopping grapevine is...
Electric Blue is Back!
Gorgeous kimono dresses at this new blogshop - plus those tie-back tube dresses. :)
Saw their collection at the ASD Bazaar - and I think they look even more gorgeous in real life!
Fits UK6-UK14. Stretchy, baby!

And now, time for some ...
*Plus Tips for the Plus-Sized*

1. Always ask for the 2Ms: Measurements and Material.

Some material is more stretchable than others. Chiffon and satin, for example, are not stretchable at all. Don't rely on the words "Smocked Back" for promise of fit - some smocking is more elastic than others. Do ask the seller just how stretchable it is.

2. Don't limit yourself to Plus-Size Blogshops only.
Some clothes in other blogshops fit larger sizes as well! :) Especially vintage blogshops.
Check out the Vintage & Plus-Sized blogrolls on the sidebar of this website ;)

3. Cinch this warning!
If you're shopping online for belts and cinchers, be warned: Some are strictly for sizes UK10 and below. You can usually guess from the material on the elastic part - and this is where you need the seller's help to tell you if it'll stretch enough for you. :) Also, the next time you go to a bazaar, seize the chance to try on all the cinchers you can find! That way, you'll know which fits you and which don't.

4. The phrase "Free Size" has been overrated.
Always ask for the exact size range. Some sellers may say "Free Size" covers everything from UK4-UK16, while others believe that if it fits up to UK10, it's good enough to be stated as "Free Size". Even maxi dresses, which are usually the queen of Free Size, are not as Free as one would think. In my opinion: satin & cotton maxi dresses fit up to UK14, denim maxi dresses up to UK16/18, and chiffon maxi dresses depend on the cutting and inner lining.

5. And if you've bought something that doesn't fit you...
I feel your pain! Lol. Not to worry, resell the item(s) immediately on Resale Blogs like Shopping Critique's Reader Requests, Shopping Gazebo, or even on preloved blogshops like Alirey's Beautiful Garbage. :)

Next Week on Your Shopping Kaki:
For the next 3 weeks, we'll be embarking on a journey together ...
"8 Roads to Recessionista Land"
A Three-Part Series

Delicious reviews on gorgeous & affordable clothes and much more!
PLUS... helping us get through some life-changing questions ...
How do you shop online if you're broke?
Can you really save money while you're shopping?
Watch this space for tips on swapping, bargaining, and lots more! ;)

Oooh, and you know what?
At least three entertaining updates every week have been scheduled for release -
including two bonus reviews called "8 Shoe-Ins" and "8 Bags to Bag",
to colour up our weekdays & so you can continue enjoying this blog
while I'm taking my exams! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki

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