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Thursday, June 25, 2009

"8 Roads to Recessionista Land" (Part 3 of 3)

Happy 20th Review to me, hehehe!
Only joking. This isn't even technically my 20th review. :P
Remember those impromptu reviews, impulse reviews, bonus reviews?
This is me being too lazy to number things properly. :D

Anyway, semester exams are finally over...
...and it's time to celebrate with 10 final tips for the Recessionista series!
Enjoy! :)

Tip 1: Bag a sure thing

From Ultimate Dazzle RM38

There's a reason why ready-stocks cost a li'l more than pre-orders: actual photos. :D
And just take a look at this gorgeous drawstring bag!
Soft faux leather, adjustable straps, lovely earthen shade of brown.
Bucket bags are all the rage now, and if you've been eyeing for one, this is yours! ;)

Tip 2: Get "-inspired"

From Soul Chic RM35

Imitations and designer-inspired products aren't for everyone, because there are
plenty out there who think that if you can't afford a luxury item, then don't buy it.
However, the rest of us see things a little differently -
if you love something but can't afford it, get something similar. :)
We saw it with Chanel-inspired quilted bags (I bought a yellow one from AliceWonders! Heee!),
the infamous Miu Miu colourblocks, the Chanel-inspired zebra-patterned dress.
Now, this dress from Soul Chic is totally designer-inspired as well. :)
It's pretty and affordable - so why not, right? ;)

Tip 3: Invest in comfort!

From Sha-Stylochic RM33 | RM30

These look so comfy, they must be illegal! :P
Yoga-style pants and casual sandals, available in a many more colours.
Good news: There's still some available, go see if your size is available! :)
Bad news: Mostly sold out, and they need a minimum order to restock. :(
Good news: Tell your friends and get enough orders to restock! :D

Tip 4: Cycle Again (Re-Cycle)

From Green Is The New Black RM33 | RM29

Am loving this fairly new blogshop's philosophy! :D
Recycle, recyle, recycle. This includes your clothes!
These two gorgeous dresses above - one sinfully floral, the other quirkily bamboo-ed.
Both pre-owned but never used. Don't let them go to waste!

Tip 5: "Preloved" does not mean "tainted"!

From Sunflowers I Love RM26

Like the whole prejudice against imitation goods,
there's a stigma against preloved clothes as well. :(
But I say, let's fight that stigma and overcome it together! :D
This lovely floral dress above? Only worn once!
I think it deserves a second chance - don't you? ;)

Tip 6: Don't underestimate the beauty of things just because their prices are low...

From Thrifty Babe RM30

Very often I hear a (misguided) shopper saying,
"Aiyah, it's so cheap, the quality sure cannot be good!"
Well, although sometimes that might be true
(i.e. don't expect top-notch quality if you're only willing to pay bottom-dollar prices),
but sometimes, the world delivers you a little surprise in the form of a diamond in the rough. :) Take this gorgeous little top for example.
At a price tag of a very affordable RM30, and yet its structure, shape, and uniqueness is priceless.
Definitely a very, very good deal. :)

Tip 7: Be able to recognise when prices are a steal!

From The Purple Polka Dot Shop RM38 | RM23

Don't look at me, I'm so bummed that this colourblock maxi dress doesn't come in my size. :(
Imported from Australia, brand new, price slashed. Sigh! :(
And that electric blue tube dress? Cheapest price I've seen online so far!
Comes in pink and yellow as well. :)

Tip 8: Don't miss those random sales!

From Bundle Of Joy RM30 | RM40

Sometimes blogshops have random sales,
where things go very cheap for a very short amount of time.
Stay vigilant and it could pay off in the form of a Steal! :D

Tip 9: Wait for it ...

From Fashion Lover RM52 | RM29

Shave a few ringgit off your expenses by just... waiting.
You know how they say patience can really pay off? :D
Sometimes, things go up on sale in blogshops - and they get grabbed off the shelves.
Like hot cakes, they disappear!
But wait...
Eventually, one of two pieces resurface in preloved blogshops or reselling sites. :P
Now, this is the time for the Recessionista to pounce! ;)

Tip 10: Know where to find the cheapest stuff!

From Ladies Fashion RM30 | RM14

Don't you dare call yourself an online shopaholic if you don't know Ladies Fashion! :P
This blogshop has a whole range of stuff, from floral dresses to satin scarf dresses to basic tops.
And the prices? Rock bottom. :)

*Bonus Tips: How do I tell if something is overpriced?*
Here's a general pricing range for what makes a "reasonable" price online. :)
Please note: Be flexible, prices also depend on quality and origin.

Tees: RM15 - RM30
Tops/Tunics: RM20 - RM35
Shorts: RM20 - RM35
Skirts: RM20 - RM40
Pants: RM20 - RM40
Leggings/Tights: RM10 - RM20
Casual dresses: RM30 - RM50
Evening dresses: RM40 - RM55
Maxi dresses: RM35 - RM55

*Bonus Tips: How do I get cheaper prices?*
1. Bargain. Some people don't like the idea of bargaining, so it's up to you. :) But don't expect to get cheaper prices if you don't ask for it. ;)
2. Be a returning buyer. Showing loyalty to your favourite blogshops earns you points in terms of making new friends and getting discounts. :) Some blogshops even state a different price for returning buyers (e.g. Phelauwer Boutique and Lush Serendipity).
3. Buy in bulk. Well, there's no need to go to the extreme and buy enough to start your own blogshop (LOL!), but buying more pieces often allows the seller room to give you discounts. :) If you don't want to buy so many things, then get some friends and pool your orders together.
4. Do your homework. Survey around some blogshops if the item you want is going for cheaper elsewhere (it's easy to just look through the blogrolls in review blogs) and ask on some chatboxes (e.g. "Has anyone seen this top/skirt/dress going for cheaper than RM50?").
5. Sleep on it. I can totally understand how a certain item can go up on sale, and you think, "Omg. I have to have it now. And I have to be fast, or someone else'll buy it!" But then, the next day, another blogshop posts up the exact same item for RM10 cheaper! Or, a week later, someone's reselling the same item for a lot cheaper. :P

Hope those tips have helped! :)

Next Week:
Shopping In The 80's
High time we showed some love for vintage! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki

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