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Monday, June 22, 2009

8 Blogshops with Imported Ready Stocks!


Anyway, today's review is on 8 blogshops with ready stocks
of things you'd normally need to pre-order! :D

Pre-order basically means that you pick what you want, order it, pay for it,
and then wait a few weeks or months to receive your purchases.

The advantage of choosing pre-orders is that there's a lot more variety,
it's usually something different from what you can find locally -
because everything is usually imported.
Plus, it's usually cheaper, too. :P

The downside: the sizes, measurements, colour, general look of it could be quite different,
especially from what you see in the perfectly airbrushed professional photographs. :(
Which is why I never recommend pre-orders for anyone larger than a UK size 8.

Which is where ready stock blogshops come in! :D
There might be less variety in these blogshops, and there really aren't many of them,
as they're taking a big risk by paying for the phenomenal international shipping fees
before receiving any guaranteed sales - but the fantastic advantages:

1. Actual photos of the items may be provided
2. Actual measurements can be given! Yay!
3. The sellers can testify to the quality, material, etc.

So let's show some love for these blogshops already! ;)

And yes... the kitten has nothing to do with this blog post.
Just thought it was too cute. :P

From Kangooshop RM35 | RM40

Spin the wheel on the boyfriend tee! ;)
Put an entirely feminine spin on the shirt with this grey chiffon beauty -
or go androgynous with the white cotton one on the right.
Both look awesome with skinny belts. :D
This blogshop, unlike the others below, has both pre-orders & ready-stocks -
but the categories are very neatly separated.
Check the site out and you'll see what I mean! ;)

From Agape Boutique RM31 | RM30

Two whole photo albums filled with ready stocks: Clothes & Bags!
Just hover your mouse over the thumbnail to see if it's sold out. :)
Pay today, receive tomorrow - yay! :D Three cheers for those who cannot wait!
Check out this lacey, Oriental beauty of a blouse. And that cute coffee-coloured bag!
Super affordable too. :D
At first I thought the website was inactive, since the last blog post was in March,
but then I saw the chatbox - the blogshop owner answers enquiries really promptly.
Definitely worth trying out this shop! :)

From Melissa's Secret RM33 | RM33

Another 100% ready stock site, sometimes with pictures of actual photos! :D
And hey - also "pay today, receive tomorrow". Perfect for the more impatient of shoppers, hehe!
Speaking of perfect - this glitzy, sparkly cotton top is perfect for clubs and parties. ;)
And I love how the model has perfected the look with the white ruffle blouse -
wooden bangles, earthly-toned heels, stonewashed denim jeans,
and even a tattoo on her shoulder. Talk about innocence on the edge! :P

From My Topshop RM55

Hey, I haven't found a knapsack that I've liked in years -
haha, but I think this one is really pretty!
Feminine and a cool sorta geeky without looking boring. At all. :P
Besides, if you're 17 and below...
you'd be the most stylish schoolbag-toting girl in your secondary school
(if you're bringing this faux leather baby to school, that is!).
Although this does look more suitable for college and work ... But considering that I graduated from high school back in '05, I wouldn't know! :P What kinda bags are high-schoolers toting to classes these days?

From Wardrobe Diary RM45 | RM44

I particularly like this blogshop because it's got actual photos of most ready stock as well. :D
Brings the tagline "What you see is what you get" to a really reliable level.
Here we have the classic high-waisted pinafore!
I think it's really pretty - go see the actual photo on her site. ;)
Also a versatile piece - tuck in the straps and voila! You've got yourself a high-waisted skirt. :D
And the pink prom dress is a staple piece for the prom princess, no description necessary. :P

From Ladies Mall RM35 | RM30

Another website with everything ready stock, unless stated otherwise. ;)
Gorgeous white cotton dress with thick V-dipping straps front and back.
Classic checkered shirt - but with the added edge of a slightly smocked waist.
Great for fit. :D Also - going for veryyy reasonable prices!

From Apple Blossom Fashion House RM43 | RM46

A must-visit online store with genuine brand-labelled clothes, imported from Taiwan and Korea.
The entire site caters for ready-stock (your purchases get shipped to you on the next working day!)
and the prices are really affordable as well. There's really pretty stuff you can get for RM25. :D
And check out this angelic white cardigan - thin material that's perfect for our local weather.
And this preppy knitted vest is totally Gossip Girl, wouldn't you say? ;)
Grab it before I do! :D

From Easyway Collection RM39

Golly gee wheez, what a Barbie-doll-delight! :D
Pink is the girliest of all colours - as well as the sweetest.
What more this baby pink oversized bag?
Bring it with you for sleepovers or shopping sprees! ;)

~ All righty, hope that's helped anyone who's looking for ready stock sites! :D
If you know any others, please feel free to leave a comment below,
and I'll add it to the "Ready Stock" blogroll on the sidebar. Thanks! ~

This Week's Review: Thursday, 25 June
The final part of the Recessionista series!
With tips that'll change your shopping forever -
don't miss it! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


vintagy said...

Hi... Vintagy also sells imported fashion accessories... pls go n hav a luk... http://vintagy.blogspot.com

Fruity Sensation said...

hello there we also have ready sotck : )

ready stock + including postage.



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