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Friday, May 1, 2009

Who wants to be a winner?

Hey, you! ;)

Yes, you.

Do you want to see your name after these words?

Chics Closet is the official sponsor for Your Shopping Kaki's second fun contest! :D

And I am so excited about this contest, I can barely stop grinning long enough to type this properly! Let me tell you why... by sharing with you what the prizes are! :D

Contest A: For Blogshop Owners
Top 3 Winners will get a FREE booth (each) at Youthopia for a day!
If I owned a blogshop, I'd be so excited already!

Contest B: For Shoppers
Top 3 Winners will receive RM50 (each) in cold, hard cash!
Every shopper's dream prize, no? ;)

Now, I know what you're thinking...
"What Do I Have To Do To Win?"

Easy peasy lemon squeasy, 4 simple steps to win a free booth OR free money!

Step 1

Get a secret password from any of the vendors at Youthopia. :D
Just ask any of them: "What's the password for Your Shopping Kaki's contest?"
So fun right? You can pretend to be character in a James Bond movie, across Daniel Craig. ;)

*Edited (15 May): Password is "Youthopia Rocks!"*

Step 2
Fill in a slogan! Word limit: 30 words (not including the words already given).
  • For Category A (Blogshop Owners), complete this slogan: "I want to join Youthopia because..."
  • For Category B (Shoppers), complete this slogan: "I love Youthopia because..."
The 3 most creative slogans from each category wins! Wheeee - that means 6 winners altogether!

Step 3

E-mail in your slogan AND the password to both yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com and c.chics@gmail.com in this format:

Title: Category A/B (type one only)
Blogshop name & URL (for Category A contestants only):
Contact number:

Step 4
Wait excitedly until the winner is announced on this blog in June!

Terms & Conditions *please read carefully!*
1. Entries without the password from the vendors will be automatically disqualified.
2. The RM50 cash prize is to be collected in person from Angeline Chin of Chics Closet at a Youthopia event (arrangements will be made, not to worry).
3. The free booths for Category A winners are for 1 day only. You can, however, pick the date you want to join the bazaar - as long as it is in June 2009.
4. One individual can only join one category - so choose wisely! ;)
5. Category A contestants must own a blogshop.
6. All entries must reach both yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com and c.chics@gmail.com before 3rd June, 2009 - Malaysian time.
7. Only one entry per person.
8. We reserve the right to appropriate your slogans for commercial or personal purposes.

If you have any enquiries, e-mail both yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com and c.chics@gmail.com - and one of us will answer you. :)

Good luck! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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