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Monday, June 15, 2009

"8 Bags to Bag!"

Hello, happy shoppers! :)

In the spirit of this bags-only review, let's discuss why we should buy more bags!
In tune with the whole "I'm Not A Plastic Bag" drive, let's see it this way:

Get A Handbag, Save The World!
Not too far-fetched at all. :P Read on!

Picture credits to one of my fave new blogshops: So Random!

1. Bring a roomy bag when you go shopping.
2. Politely say "No Thanks" when offered plastic bags.
3. Put your shopping into your bag instead!

Is your bag too small?
Fold a plastic bag from home and have one ready in your bag at all times! :)

Now you have an official reason to go bag-shopping. :D
Let's give it a kick-start with these 8 gorgeous bags below!

From Rainbow Junkies RM40
Loving this Miss Selfridge B&W oversized bag!
Look at the gorgeous, whimsical prints of birds and on the birds...
Totally a bag that means freedom and dreams! :D

From Dr Pizzicato RM46
Anna Sui-inspired floral designs! Feminine as feminine can be. :)
They've got these bags in 2 different designs, and each design comes in 2 colours!
The second one can be a sling bag or shoulder bag. Versatility is love, no? ;)

From Ultimate Dazzle Pre-Order RM33
Cushiony faux leather sling bags. They're so adorable!
Comes in marshmallow pink, camel brown, and my favourite colour of all: yellow! :D

From A Model Xcess RM68
Whether or not you're gung-ho about Union Jack - you can't help being gung-ho about this bag!
Sling, clutch, or shoulder - 3 ways to wear this sequined delight. :D
A fresh version of the Chanel quilted, but still with the braided intertwined straps!
Touted to be the next "it" bag. ;)

From Second Skin RM34
Prettyyy! Am feeling so tempted to buy! XD
Slouchy. Totally relaxed. Effortlessly fashionable.

From Shopping Gazebo RM69
Originally from Bundle Of Joy. This gorgeous bag is to die for!
Adjustable and detachable straps, studded at the corners, roomy interior.
Totally Sold-Out-Non-Restockable at BoJ.
Which lucky shopper will be able to snap up this last one up for grabs?

From Wardrobe Hunting RM29
Vintage sling bag. Tres, tres chic!
Some of you might remember that TV series, Mind Your Language?
Watch it again to observe the very chic vintage bags that Danielle carries! ;)

From Your Personal Stylista RM68
Faux leather. Chilli red.
Zippers, storage pouches, practical ...
... and so very, very hot.
10% discount just for YSK readers!
Password: Style me now!

*Note to Blogshop Owners
or if you've just got a bag to sell)*
Feel free to leave a comment below!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


sammie lee said...


awesome, chic bags for sale! :)

do check it out. xoxo

Circle Closet. said...


Check this bag out! :D

PBC said...


check us out for some cute denim bags!

Mopiko said...

bag for sale ! with reduction price


aifa.boutique said...

vintage-inspired handbags!


Books R Love said...

Helping a friend sell off a brand-new handbag for 40% off retail price! :)


the kittenpurr team said...

Very spacious MNG canvas bag for sale here:

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