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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vote for October's Blogshop of the Month!

After only a short month since you crowned August's Blogshop of the Month
... Miss Shopaholic's Closet ...
it's time for a new king or queen to reign!

Your Shopping Kaki presents ...
Blogshop of the Month: October!

We have 8 nominations for Round 1!
Straight off the e-mail mill -
let's hear why these readers think the following blogs deserve to win
the prestigious "Blogshop of the Month" title, bragging rights,
as well as RM95 worth of advertising in a prime banner space
for a month on this blog and a feature story! :D

Nominated: The October
"Hi Sha Lene! I dont usually take part into this kind of nomination but i just can't help to highlight you this blog!! Though i dont see much stuffs in there as yet but mostly sold of what they have.. guess they're stocking up, haha! Well, what i meant was, the way they post the items and details are so much a details whereby is easy for viewing and understanding the product they are selling. Photo taking not so much of "artistic" feel but what most important for us as a viewer or purchaser are the details of the cutting, designs and colors accurately shown. Correct me if am wrong :) Well, put aside all that, their correspondence of emails and service are so professionally done! To be honest, I have never came across with such a style throughout my entire experience in online shopping…You might wanna consider… may be month of October should be their month since they are the.OCTOBER :)" -Mel

Nominated: Oozora Tang

"Sha Lene, can i vote for Oozora Tang for your future blogshop of the month. This blogshop, I cant wait for their update and to be honest with you, I never stop buying from them, their collection is unique, love their style and most importantly, their service. Its very accomodating :)" -Lee Ann

Nominated: Rob-My-Closet

"Hi Shalene aka My Shopping Kaki ^^ I would like to nominate Rob-My-Closet. Let me start with my grandmother story.. I started out by inquiring bout the Zipper Torn Jeans i think.. Asked for the size, provided my size to compare if I could fit. Still she insisted I visit the bazaar to try it on as she x wan her customer to get upset right.. *1point But sigh, I didnt have time to attend the bazaar.. Then I came across this Gold Cuff and it caught my attention, but I was reluctant to buy it as im not those kinda chunky accessories kinda person.. Manatau, she restocked her studded bangles and damn.. i bought both the cuff & bangle. Well, the point is.. She replied my long winded emails, she answered all my stupid questions, etc.. Feels like I've know her a while that I had the opportunity to communicate with her like I do with my close friend. So, the end..I dont wanna continue anymore. My nominate thingy wud be the lamest if i did continue writing my grandmother story.. -.-" Thanks again! p/s: To most of the blogowners, pls bring more simple UK12-UK14 kinda clothes like what UK4-UK10 fit in!!...haha." -Lydia PCTG

Nominated: In Style Store

YSK's note: Prom-goers, this dress is ready-stock, only RM35, available in white!
"I vote for In Style Store! Why - she's a very nice seller. I jz try my very first time to buy tos taiwan fashion wit her. she's rili a efficient n reliable seller. she will mak sure the parcel reach me safely n oso very quick reply. the most important is, her selling price i rili cheap n the quality is nice. i found lots of blog selling the same clothes lik wat she sell but expensive. tats all ^^" -Bei

Nominated: Urban Chique

"Why Urban Chique? Because their stocks are so different from other online boutiques and i love their trends !!! They even bring out VIVImag styles and also Hollywood Celebrity style~ Also, their price is not set sky high, they are simply affordable and reasonable :) Thirdly, they have cute blog designs, they do twitter, they have their own facebook, and i was once told that they save up on their own shop marketing so we shoppers dont bear their marketing costs ! i think their effort should be much appreciated and, please, shopping kaki, review their blog and make them on the list :) lovelove. i love shoppingkaki :)" -Joyce

Nominated: Nunnee Closet

"My fevret blogshop: Nunnee Closet. I love their dress!!had by many time with them and the service is very good..today i bankin my money, today also they post my items!!!" -Hazzeney

Nominated: Glossy Addiction

"Hey Sha-lene! Would like to nominate the blog shop Glossy Addiction for this October's nomination :) Have been recommended to have a look at this blog shop and think that this newbie carries a great variety of trends. Have bought a couple of items namely tops and accessories and found them pretty good in quality and are above my expectations. The blog shop owner has been very friendly and quick in her replies as well :) Cheers!" -Lyn

Nominated: B-Zenn

"My favourite online boutique is B-zenn. It's because the design of this blog is interesting and actractive... the page layout is neat and easy to be accessed.... there also has online customer sevice, which can help the customers in a short time. I did buy the product from this website... the products are high quality, the price also affordable, hence, i will do online shopping time frequently..Although this is a new online boutique... i can see that the owners are working hard of this online boutique...
So, I feel that B-zenn is worth to be the blogshop of this month^^ It will be the great encouragement to the owners of this blogshop if they are selected as the blogshop of the month..Hopefully they will be selected successfully~" -Hui Ling
"Hello Sha-Lene! I'm one of your frequent readers. It's nice to have fashion updates from you frequently. Thanks alot! Nonetheless, I would like to nominate B-Zenn for the October Blogshop of the Month. It's a new launched blogshop in August. They sell mainly accessories and bags which are really affordable and the quality is guaranteed because I have purchased from B-Zenn before this. Their product design is young and lovely! Additionally, they have this great customer service whereby once someone enter their site there will be an agent online to serve the customers' need and enquiry. Items usually will be posted out the next day after the order or the day itself if the order is being made in the morning. High efficiency I would say. Plus, a rating system was set up too to find out the customers' liking which I find that rather useful. Hope you like it too! :) Thanks & Regards, C. Xuan." -Choon Xuan

This is how the vote is going to work this time.
8 nominees, 2 rounds, 18 days.

Round 1 (10 Sept - 20 Sept): Vote for your top 3 favourite blogs
Round 2 (20 Sept - 28 Sept): Vote for October's Blogshop of the Month

The blogshop with the most votes, wins! :D
As usual, the voting poll is at the BOTTOM of this webpage.

Who will make it through to the next round?
Who will emerge the ultimate winner?
YOU decide!

Vote now.

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


glossyaddiction said...

Hi Sha-lene, featured :)

october said...

FEATURED & thanks for the nomination! :D


B-ZENN said...

thanks sha-lene,
featured :)


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