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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Almost 8 syllables in Ir-re-sis-ta-ble.

Apparently, I major in lame titles. :D

But anyway!

8 blogshops to highlight this week? Totally!
I started writing this review on Friday night,
but it's Saturday morning as I publish this -
so many distractions when it comes to trawling the online-shopping-sphere
for goodies to feature! ;)

If you don't know what I mean,
don't you dare call yourself a shopping kaki. :D

From MintBerry Kiss RM35 (incl. postage) | RM20 | RM45 (incl. postage)
First up we have three things to overdose you on Girliness! :D
There are other colours available, but I thought pink on pink was too pretty to pass.
And prices are pretty affordable! Especially that pink satin obi belt.
Remember once upon a time when obi belts cost RM45 online?
Now that the obi phase has softened a little, this is the time to buy!
Because it's got that classic, Oriental appeal that trends just can't kill ;)

From Style On The Runway RM62 | RM59
Checking out the vast shoe collections in blogshops, it dawned upon me:
I don't review enough shoes. :P
I guess it's because I'm mostly dress-obsessed (hand-in-hand with florals & studs)
and that reflects vividly on this blog -
but I solemnly resolve to review more shoes, bags & accessories too!
Ergo: These girlish ribboned 4.5-inch-rise platform high-heels are so cute :D

From Pineberry RM50 | RM40 | RM35 | RM33
When I can't decide on a maximum of three items to review from one blogshop,
you know this has gotta be something special. :D
From baby blue "skorts" (skirt + shorts) to Forever21-inspired plaid dresses ...
from flared tank tops to khaki vests (also available in white) ...
Fuiyoh. Nice-lah their updates. :P

From Pre-Order Boutique RM30 | RM40 | RM37
I've been going through pre-order and ready-stock blogshops obsessively,
determined to find The One With The Best Prices and then reveal it all on this blog -
but while I haven't quite found a conclusive answer to that Life's Great Mystery yet...
Look what I did find! Three pieces of clothing that I've never seen online before. :D
Look at that interesting little corset vest! That could look very nice with a lot of clothes.
And that lace-and-cotton dress: it's so sweet, perfect to show off slender legs.
Reminds me of something Serena Van Der Woodsen would wear. :D
And that oversized, off-shoulder pink top - comes in an array of sweet colours, so relaxed!

From Modello RM65
Floral dresses + Cut-out backs = Must Have This Season.
Love the Julie-Andrews-in-Sound-of-Music length of the hem, too. ;)
It's a li'l more modest, which is a perfect balance to the sexy open back. :D

From Vego RM40
Ayee! Laced-back vests!
Forgive me if I'm overreacting, but I haven't seen these online 'til now!
They look pretty darn cool, eh?
All serious in the front and party at the back. Haha!

From Pochi Ochi RM8-RM30
At the risk of featuring more Taylor Swift style shots than online shopping goodies,
I just had to review these handmade floral headbands. :D
Are these not unbelievably reminiscent of everybody's favourite country singer?
I say, be your own Juliet and chase away those teardrops from your guitar
with some awesome hair accessories!
And no, that could not have been a copyright violation :(
[All famous quotes properly attributed to Taylor Swift & Co]

From Glossy Addiction RM69
The perfect "Last But Not Least" review.
The most stunning of studded bags to date.
Jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Neat rows of studs lined up. Ahh!
Three colours so awesome that you'll want one in each awesome shade.
Dreamy smiles all around! I'm getting one too. :D Super happy.
Oooh, and YSK readers can purchase this at only RM65!
Password: "I'm a YSK reader!"

Shopping is just the best thing. :P

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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