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Monday, September 28, 2009

Urgent: Did you lose your bag? and Reader's Concerns

Important message from Hazel Mazel! Please spread the word ya!
"Hi there,

Have you lost a bag lately? and a student of SEGI College?? Because one of the Hazel Mazel member got a phone call from a girl name Sharon, saying that she found a bag at the near by bus stop next to Assunta Hospital. In the bag contains car keys, house key, pen-drive, and a diary.... but no mobile or wallet is seen... if you have lost a bag or a victim of a snatch thief few days back, please contact me asap.

Can't get the bag owners name as there was no wallet or mobile seen.. Sharon, the girl who found the bag, read through the owners diary and found out that the owner was once a customer of our blogshop, thats how we got her call. Since we don't have the bag owners name, so we try to help out by mailing all of our customers... do pass this message around, poor girl must be worried sick...


Chances are that the owner of the bag is an online shopper - one of our very own shopping kaki - so please spread the word ya! Hope this helps :)

Edited (29/9): Owner of the bag FOUND! :D

~On another note~

Recently, I've been receiving more and more e-mails from readers concerned about the authenticity of goods sold online (among several other issues raised by readers, which I will try to help address over time). These items/names/keywords in question include: Crocs, perfumes, Ed Hardy, Juicy Couture, branded watches and bags.

Some of these readers have purchased items under the impression that they are authentic - and some of the blogshop owners who sold these items to them assured them they were buying authentic goods. Turns out some of them were not authentic goods. :/ And the readers feel scammed.

The tricky part is: I understand that blogshop owners may not always be able to say for sure if the items are authentic, and suppliers may assure different things, and so on. It's really not the buyer or seller's fault most of the time.

So I just wanted to post this here, and hope that it helps people: If you are looking to buy goods that are definitely authentic, please be aware that if you buy them online, you are taking a risk.

If anyone has any thoughts, comments, experiences, or questions to share, please feel free to leave a comment below. :) You don't need to sign in, reveal your name/website, or any personal details. You can remain completely anonymous. Help your fellow shoppers out!

Edited (30/9): Check out the comments below for stories that readers have shared, and even clarifications from sellers!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


H said...

i would like to add that i was conned by an online blog store who claims to sell authentic but factory surplus/reject CROCS. i bought 3 pairs for my kids and realised that the bar codes numbers on them were identical!

RM50 each for imitations.... so no more crocs online except the official crocs 'outlet' (this is where they sell the factory surpluses) at the Mines or just buy at the usual crocs stores.

Amanda + Yvonne said...

Yup, i also bought some products like Piggy massage stocking only to realise made in China after purchase. Only got those original from Japan at SHINS..so now will purchase from SHINS.

Amazed said...

Message from Amazed on Chatbox:

"I feel so touched after reading the notice on the lost bag, that there r still such nice ppl(Sharon, Hazel Mazel n U!) that will go an extra mile to" "help to poor girl retrieve her bag! you guys rock! makes me feel happier shopping online.. :)"

2009-09-28 6:26 AM

Anonymous said...

Hey sha-lene,

If you happened to wish to purchased items from Coco Goddess blogshop,
Just make sure you ask THOROUGHLY about their authenticity of their items when they say it is original ya.
coz recently i bought the ed-hardy tee and according to them they told me it is authentic and made from US and stuff .
i ended up buying it coz i ask them again about whether is authentic and they say yes.
But foolish me that i did not ask if got tag and research on the authentic 1.SO i found out it is actually not genuine.
Also, the label attached to inner side of the top is so blur and that's where she say made in US but i think you can not just say authentic depends on that blur label.

I think i need not tell u, u do realised their items are really over-priced sometimes.
even goss!p sells cheaper than their sometimes when they own a shop and cocogoddess dont.

So when they say it is imported, do ask them from where to assure urself whether it is worth the penny.

I wrote this cause i saw that u say you would like to help others in purchasing from blogshop safely. so would like to share with you (=

Baby Octopus said...

# BabyOctopus "you guys really make a difference!"

2009-09-28 11:02 AM

Anonymous said...

Girls, be very careful of buying Crocs online. Most of them are fake, even though the seller will always tell you that it is genuine and their stock are just rejects due to slight flaws. Fyi, you can even find fake Crocs in pasar malam now for only RM35 each.
My husband knows the people who actually bring in Crocs to Malaysia and they've told us that they are clamping down on the major suppliers of fake Crocs.
So if you want a pair of Crocs, but want a bargain, then might as well just go pasar malam and get them for RM35. Or just buy Asadi :)

Anonymous said...


I personally think that if you're buying stuff online of Crocs, perfumes, branded bags (Juicy Couture, LV & etc), M.A.C. cosmetics and stuff like that, you're DEFINITELY taking risk!

Have seen lots of the imitations lying around other offline stores at very low prices (which is quite impossible) and even pasar malams too!

For those who wanna get authentic ones, I'd suggest to go to the official stores who're having it instead of getting it online, would be a better and safer choice, and their authenticity are 100% guaranteed!

Vee said...

Bought a few bottles of perfumes from lovehatescent2.blogspot.com after the "reassurance" that her mom bought it in at a cheaper rate as she was working in some company and it was genuine and had connections and stuff. She reaffirmed me that they were genuine bottles, when I received it, they were FAKE ones.

No serial number nothing and the smell was clearly different than the original ones.

I felt so cheated, and asked for an explanation over and over again but till today... there is not even A SINGLE REPLY.

This kinda girl.. just to earn that little bit of moolah she neglected her working etiquette and self ethics as well. Seriously! God bless her.

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi, I just found a couple of blog posts by D-Mask, warning us about fake Beauty Diary & Shiseido nose masks.

Thought these might be useful too:

Anonymous said...

saw this issue the other day on Diary of Eshoppaholic.regarding on Juicy Couture product.im not sure bout other branded stuff tho..
Btw im a lover of Juicy.. so just want to remind u guys that it is VERY HIGH POSIBILITY that if u buy JC online its a fake:)
trust me:) they dont have no. tag or wat so ever.. especially the sandals.its really easy to cheat.
FAKE REALLY LOOK THE SAME AS THE REAL ONE!!! but it feels diff. if those blogshops say tat they bought it oversea, got it at factory price etc.... dont ever buy their crap! its very hard for u to even bring a LV bag to msia by posting what more to say carry the all the sizes for JC slippers!!!! in malaysia itself..BS..and if they did bring in custom will charged tax:) n blogshop owner definitely charge u higher! BTW real JC retailing at sing$120 if u think u r getting real good bargain think twice:)
BTW i went to china for work.. went to their warehouse to shop.and i was amazed on how they duplicate the LV, GUCCI etc!!!! bought a fake gucci wallet as a souvenier and my fren immediately bring hers to pavillion to check wether its real or not..hahaha coz it look identical!

so girls becareful when shop for branded products:)
especially when it is too good to be true:)

YSK on behalf of LoveHateScent2 said...

Response from LoveHateScent2 that was emailed to YourShoppingKaki :)


hey there,

thank for email me about this as this happened in shopping gazebo too, and i also explained by sending email to shopping gazebo but theres no reply from her. Sorry i didnt put it on ur post comments cuz is too long =D. i deal with many customers before and only one so far complaining about fake products, and of cuz they are some trying to make things bad in shopping gazebo before when i didnt even deal with them before. So im not even sure who emailed u or who posted this comment since i dont receive any emails. Hope everything is clarified after u read this. thank you for email really appreaciate =)

I'm selling ORIGINAL PERFUMES but some of them may be claim as reject or defect instead of unrejected units include TESTER units..

Therefore, this will tell what shud u know bout it.. rclxms.gif

FACTS BOUT REJECTS...not all rejects r done in the factory plant itself but may also occur after sale..

1) Factory reject...
- it would be impossible to produce products wihout reject..most company (factory) only achive 99.8% yield (output) where 0.2% is rejected..e.g 99.8%x1000000 = 998000 bottle..the rest is rejected (2000 bottle)..why they r rejected? maybe scratches, wrong branding, or etc..these rejects r not thrown away..they hv their own vendor for disposal..hv u guys went to jln pasar? did u found electronic devices there? they r not fake item but same way wif the perfumes..rejects..
- for ur guys info..there r many manufacturer for a brand of perfume..e.g el pleasure..if u guys hv some time just go and find out at the counters..u will see some r made in switzeland and uk...let say 2000 bottles from uk and 2000 bottles from swis r rejected...it will be enuff for ppl like us to trade them...u may also compare perfumes wif other products, adidas shirt..last time they r made in us..but lately u will see they r made in indon, china, tahiland, even malaysia..perfumes r also manufactured in many countries..
- more example..hv u guys went to carrefour wangsa maju? If not u may try to go there..u will find a levis booth...all r original levis which had been rejected..r they fake? no, they r ori..ppl hv no doubt at all..but it had been sold wif lower price as they r rejected..

2) Expiry...
- after quite some times pefumes also will expired..let say for 1 batch is valid for 8 month..if it won't be cleared it wll be return to where it came from..(hv u guys seen gardinea ppl took back the expired buns? (same way wif the perfumes)..then manufacturer will reduce the output base on the sale demand..but the different is perfumes is still in good condition even after the date line unlike buns which will hv fungus grows on it..it only expired base on spec cos they r not updated..another example r tyres..ppl always proud buying new tyres at so much lower price..but do they know that some tyres r sold at supoer low price cos they r expired even they r unused..just hv a check at ur tyres..u will see 4 numbers endorsed there..e.g 2305...meaning is the tyre is produced from yr 2005 on the 23rd week of the year..i m not expert bout tyres but let say the expiry is 1 yr after manufactured...so some ppl will trade them at the lower price bcos they r expired..but they r not fake..

The point is REJECTS R NOT FAKE..they r also ori but the quality is lower..not quality of the parfum but only bottles or boxes..for those who hv bought wif me..lots of thnx..if u r in a doubt just go and check the parfums at any counters..i hv done it before for confirmation..

I won't sell it at the price if they r not ori..it is a sin to cheating ppl wif fake products while claiming ori..i'm only giving an option for a cheaper price..so its up to u..i believe u guys r the smart user..

Thanks anyway....

Anonymous said...

I've purchased a so-called authentic Gucci Bag at a real bargain (how wishful thinking/foolish i was!) at RM600.00. I had doubt about it when they mention it was Rejected item, and when i thought about it again, why would a branded good like Gucci & LV be reselling rejected items if they are so concern about QUALITY???! Luckily i was able to get my refund back and actually show the seller about how i found it's FAKE (not even to close to AA grades). So, from now onwards, if you are looking for branded bags, go direct to retail, though they r slightly expensive (around 20% difference) but you get are assured on its quality! You can even exchange to different designs if you find you dislike it, and even get a 1-to-1 exchange if the product's defect at no-extra charge! Why risk paying thousands of dollar buying something that's no warranty & not guaranteed authentic & non exchangeable?? Dear shopper, do shop wisely, esp. on branded goods.

Anonymous said...

Quote to YSK comment, about the fake Beauty Diary mask information found in D-Mask, it's really true!!
I ve bought the fake one before, and it's really hard to differentiate real or fake from it's packaging. But you can definitely feel the difference when you used it.
The fake one is so 'wet' and the smell is just like a normal cucumber essence, same smell and quality for all the flavor of masks. Although the masks sold are very cheap from others, but this is all about the stuff we use on face, i rather pay more to get the original one cuz i dun wanna ruin my face becuz of that amazing cheap price.
It's my own experience, just to share with all the shoppers.

p/s: I get My Beauty Diary Mask from D-Mask and Mode d'amour now. Feel safe to deal with them. =)

chacha said...

hi there :) i was just hoping this could help you ladies if you wanna find original perfumes selling at cheap price. i personally bought mine at c-stylish. that was my first time buying perfumes and miniatures online. its original, with no defects, not rejected perfumes or such. everything are in perfect condition just like you guys can see at the stores like parkson, isetan or such. thing is, my brother told me that one of his friend is a perfume seller as well. how can they get it waaay cheaper than retail price? i started doubting whether the ones im using are the pasar malams ones since they're quite cheap. haha. but i remembered that c-stylish once texted me using her other number which is longgg, and i know that its not a malaysian number. probably some of them take their stocks at indonesia. they're not made in indonesia but the stocks are there. so that helps me to know why they're selling it like RM80 cheaper or such than retail price. its original. like LV GUCCI COACH bags which you can get at bandung for below RM100 at bundles. they're actually original but they're made in indonesia, and under license. why is it waaaay cheaper? because cost of the workers and staffs are much more cheaper than workers at US. i mean.. the 'buruh' cost. haha. so that was just my opinion cuz i heard these stuffs from people who usually do business and take their stocks from overseas. personally, i don't have the budget to buy such bags like LV or what although i really want it. haha. my opinion is, if you reaaaally want a designer bag for at least one to have it in your wardrobe, option for more reasonable ones so it won't go over your budget. like baby phat, kathy van zealand, or such. they're pretty as well as quite good price for designer brands :) and if you just can't afford buying LV COACH GUCCI bla3... buy only the inspired ones. like the chanel inspired bags / birkin bag. don't buy fake ones! its such a waste knowing that the quality is not good and not worth it also if you get it for RM800 or so for replica grade AAAAAA++++ or wtv. the ori ones are just like, RM500 higher than replicas. hahahahah -.-" and if you're not a fussy buyer like me, you can get preloved vintage bags at vintage blogshops for only RM100 or below. like braun buffel bag for only RM30. charles jourdan for only RM60. ungaro bag for only RM40. YSL for only RM40. its original, of course. just preloved :)

advice is,think twice if you're purchasing branded stuffs online. if you wanna buy LV or such, go to their boutiques at bandung. they're selling it waaay cheaper. and of course, its original. doesn't mean its made in indonesia, they're not original. its just that they're made under license. the quality and material are still the same. its that they're cheaper because of the cost they use to make it.

was just sharing and giving out my opinion. hope this helps :)

p/s : kudos to YSK! i love your site! keep up the good work :D

faza said...


Phoebe said...

Hi all,

I on behalf of CocoGoddess would like to clarify about our pricings & authenticity issue.
Currently, the blogshop has changed hands as of 2 weeks ago.
But we will maintain the quality of our goods. As on our recent posts,although it's slightly pricey,the quality is guaranteed. And when we say they're exclusively
available only @ CocoGoddess,we meant it.You won't want to be caught wearing the same thing as someone else right? :)
About the authenticity issue,as of now, we will post up if it's not authentic & if it's inspired. So no worries. :)
Btw, we HEART the Chanel Inspired ribbon heels!& PU Leather jackets! ;)

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