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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Night Fever (below RM50 degrees)

The end of the month is upon us! :)
You know what that means, right?
Dapat gaji! :D

And in case you don't know what that means -
it means "getting your paycheck" :P

Anywho, the official YourShoppingKaki philosophy is that the only reason to work hard
& earn money is to be able to reward yourself and loved ones later :D
So, it's time to cash in and reward yourself -
and you don't even need to spend more than RM50!

From Like Seriously RM29 | RM15 | RM35
Guess who's on a stock clearance spree? :D
And the latest news on the shopping grapevine is that there's another update with
MORE stock clearance sales after their current one, too!

From FelizDeModa RM50 | RM50 | RM50
Pretty floral and tiered dresses are always a staple piece for the wardrobe -
pull on a cardigan for campus or a blazer for work!
Effortlessly chic. ;)

From Full PocKetz RM42 | RM45 | RM37
As it was told in that (annoying) Goldilocks story (who asked her to break people's chair?) -
some like it floral, some like it plain, some like it casual. :P
Three otherwise very similar dresses but for totally different styles!

I love all things handmade! There's nothing more well-appreciated than effort :)
From keychains to photo frames to clay cakes to sushi bracelets to "cute shit" ...
This is one blogshop you can't stop looking at! :D

From ABunchOfWildFlowers RM46 | RM42 | RM34
I always love their dresses. They always get sold out.
Like really fast! But these dresses are freshly updated,
so be sure to grab your favourite - fast! :D

From SuperRolling RM35
Oh my, cheapest price tag spotted so far for this studded vest! :D
Freshly updated as well. Spotted this for RM40 - RM50 online,
and RM38-RM68 in Sungei Wang Plaza and the likes :P

From Stuff R Love RM35 | RM15 | RM30
I'm sorry. I can't stop laughing at the shirt in the middle.

From The October RM43 | RM43 | RM48
Looking at these gorgeous photos, I'm just getting annoyed that I can't fit into them :(
The clothes, I mean, not the photos :P
The kind of clothes worth sacrificing food for :D
And those maxi dresses in-store are gor-geous and comfy as pillows on clouds -
take it from a maxi dress addict! (That means me.)

Hokay. Stay tuned for updates everyday. :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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