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Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Tour de YSK: Season 8"

Welcome to the official YSK tour! :)

I have a funny feeling that about half of you don't know that there are ...
a dozen blogrolls on the sidebar - the second half of the sidebar -
with links to all sorts of blogshops! :D

There's General Blogshops (which has 3 blogrolls on its own, with 250 sites in each roll!)...
there's pre-owned, vintage, pre-orders, ready-stocks, accessories & custom-made stuff,
blogshops for dudes & tots, lingerie, cosmetics, perfumes & miscellaneous things...
a blogroll with close to a hundred fellow review sites...
and even a blogroll featuring ALL the blogshops I've personally shopped at! :)

Ooh, and there's also a "priority blogroll"
with blogshops offering YSK readers special discounts!
But that's a review for another day ;)

So... I thought it'd be interesting (and oh-very-fair!) to launch this mini-series of reviews...
that basically take you on a Tour de YSK - a tour of my blogrolls! :D

Please fasten your studded belts and begin our tour with...
some latest updates courtesy of General Blogshops 1!

Photo courtesy of Diana Rikasari, Hot Chocolate & Mint

If you're in love with Diana Rikasari's Forever 21 studded belt,
it may pain you to know 2 things:
1) It retails at about RM50
2) It's currently out of stock in Selangor!

But we have good news! :)

From Fashion Loft RM44
Yup, isn't that a wonderfully studded studded belt you see there?
Imported all the way from the UK, and only RM44!
And best of all, it comes in 3 different sizes.
But there's one piece each! So, hurry.

From Stitch RM38 | RM48 | RM45
Besides this awesome monotone collection - timeless hues of grey, black, white -
another thing I love about this blogshop is that they
donate 15% of their profits to the orphanage! :)

From Moi Closette RM40 | RM46 | RM42
Whoa, talk about a High Street inspired collection! :D
Think ASOS for the draped skirt, and Forever21 for the lace-back dress and slashed tee!
The trendiest fashion for prices you won't find at the mall ;)

From Blooming Butterfly Boutique RM38 | RM36 | RM57
Every girl's gotta have staple "demure & sweet" pieces in her wardrobe :D
And these? Super duper classy. Seriously. Notice how there's detailing on the clothes,
like the smocked waist on the blue shirtdress and its minty-white row of buttons...
or the lace on the shoulder-straps of the white top :)
And that Chanel-inspired quilted bag? It's so pretty that it makes me sad
... because I don't have one yet! :(

From Goochees RM25 | RM25 | RM25
Aww, they're closing down! :( We'll miss you, Gooches!
And girls, be sure to support their hyper-affordable closing down sales!
Everything's gots-ta go!

From Bundle Of Joy RM50
Niiiice. These kind of vintage-inspired bags are what
injected the "cool" back into messenger bags ;)
You know a bag is gorgeous when it makes you want to go bag-shopping.
(And this one does exactly that to me!)

From Girl About Town RM52 | RM49 | RM52
Quirky and Topshop-inspired jailbird top! :D
I bought something similar (in purple) from Tasty Cherry Chapstick,
and I love wearing it cinched with a big belt (doesn't even have to be studded!).
It's like a fun, flare top. Good for dancing in the rain and movie-stuff like that :P
And check out the very prosperous-looking floral dress, and whispery lace dress!

From A Fittingroom Boutique RM10 | RM15
In case you haven't got your serving of studs yet,
I just spotted these studded headbands and bangles -
going for a very affordable price! :)

From Dainty Dresser RM50 | RM50 | RM50
Uh... why are these still available?
C'mon girls, snap 'em up before someone else does!
Florals, zippers, cutesy cuttings,
and there's a li'l vintage floral dress sandwiched between the two :D

From Parsealed RM52 | RM42 | RM38 | RM45 Align Center
This blogshop isn't even linked under General Blogshops 1 (it's under GB3 since it's so new!) -
but they've just updated last night, and I didn't want you to miss out! ;)
Their updates never fail to amaze me! :D
I've bought one of the paint-splattered tanks myself -
and if you want anything that's sold out,
better e-mail them quick as they're restocking! :)

Next week's feature review:
The hottest discoveries from General Blogshops 2!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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