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Thursday, September 17, 2009

... and the spotlight shines on eight!

It's a Thursday night, I've got heaps of work to do tomorrow, I have major group projects to produce, write, shoot, direct a documentary and film, major do-or-die 2000-word essays ... and the weekend that's a "holiday" isn't going to be a vacation at all. And I've just spent the entire night YouTubing exactly what Kanye West said to Taylor Swift at the VMAs, and at which point Lady Gaga started to "bleed" all over.

If you're as stuck in the same perpetual workaholic-vs-procrastinator struggle as I am ... Worry not! Because just blogging about the finds from these 8 blogshops below have sent me well on my yellow brick road to happiness. :D Imagine how thrilled you'll be if you buy some of them? ;)

Let there be (spot)light!

From DOT RM36 | RM42 | RM42
Floral zipper dresses are unlike any other material creature. It's got that kind of additive, like MSG, when you buy it, because it's just so gorgeous. And it zips up. That's how I felt when I bought my first (and only) floral zipper dress, anyway! :D And if florals are totally not your thing, polka dots might be! Polka-dotted zipper dresses! Or what about laced tops? I've seen a dangerously similar piece in Forever21, but for like RM100+ or RM200, so this here is a steal alright! And if that isn't enough, YSK readers get a 10% discount for these 3 items reviewed! That's quite a lot of savings there. :) Password: "DOT ME!"

From Moonstruck Closet RM35 | RM40 | RM40
I present to you... the most affordable studded vest I've seen so far! :D
And the vintage bag is always highly fashionable :)
This time checkered in more serious hues,
set against the backdrop of a pretty affordable pair of floral high-waisted shorts :D

From Preciousplurge RM10 | RM20
Golly gee, what perfect timing! Raya is literally just around the corner,
and these Ketupat purses are tres adorable! And that smileyface necklace too!
Okay, I just realised this is bad timing as the post office is going for a 4-day weekend,
but there's always next Raya! :D

From Garde-Robe RM39 | RM39
Being a clinically diagnosed shopaholic (just kidding!), I'm constantly on the lookout for...
all things quirky, and that "something different".
Even if I don't get to buy it (due to the fact that money doesn't grow on banana trees,
or that I can't fit into it), it's like winning an ongoing "I Spy" game.
So, spotted! Really quirky dress, it's got so much going on:
off-shoulder, ruched, asymmetrical, possibly even bubble-hemmed! Haha!
And that kimono-inspired zipper dress? Totally never seen anything quite like it before. :D

From Glass Puppet RM38
The tragic thing is that I'd look exactly like a geek in geek glasses,
thanks to my Internet nerd/uni geek predisposition as it is -
but for those of you who can pull off that cool nerd vibe,
these glasses are perfect, perfect, perfect!
Another reason I love this pair because I love Taylor Swift :D
Especially after what went down at the VMAs!
P.S: That's a still from her winning video btw :P

From BlushBerry Boutique RM92 | RM75 | RM92
While I was drawn in by Hazel's 40% storewide discount (not for the above dresses though!) and RM250 website design package (there's your answer for some of you looking for web designers!), you gotta admit that these dresses are worth a gushing review!
She needs a minimum of 8 orders to start making the dresses - yes, making them! -
so be sure to sign up if you'd like one of these dresses!
They really are devastatingly gorgeous. Sigh!

From Big-a-BOO Boutique RM55 | RM50
Fringe bags! Somewhat slouchy, hobo-style.
Four of these babies available, hot off the jets from Down Under ;)
I think the brown one is game for a more earthy look, visualised with boots and a tan vest -
while the black is more for the urbanite, a little edgier and sleek!
Both equally gorgeous, and equally affordable for imported fringe bags. :D
Speaking of Australian goodies, Cotton On is coming to 1-Utama!
You know what that means? Get to 1U and you can get to 'em Rubi shoes! ;)

From Nunfish RM56 | RM50 | RM55
Topshop-inspired bodycon panel skirts.
Peplum frocks. Cut-out back floral dresses.
Don't you love Nunfish's stuff?
Trendy and yet within the affordable range.
I don't even need to describe these pieces because they speak for themselves! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

jcjude said...

Yup, I and my friends thought the same thing, we figured it was all a set up by Kanye West in order to make someone’s career grow or prevent from going down…that’s Hollywood for you!!! Nothing is ever real expect maybe for some “real life” shows/reality shows, but even those, I’m sure, are edited to a certain extent.

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