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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Water Cooler Stories: Security Breach?

You've probably heard or read about this incident by now, if you're an active member of the online shopping community. Well, I didn't post this up earlier (having received this email on Sunday) because I couldn't verify if it was true.

The thing is, I still can't verify if this is true - but it seems like Valerie's left a message on this blog's chatbox with the same panicked note as well - so I guess I should post this up just in case. Anywho, here goes Valerie's e-mail to all the reviewers:
"dear reviewers,
i'm so sorry to disturb but i really desperately need your help.
there has been this girl which hacked into my blogshops, my facebook and my own personal blog, even my msn.
you can see it from Pastel Stripes & Midnight Carnivale
she claims that the sites have been sold but IT HAS NOT.
please please please help me out by posting on your blog, where i know there's lots of ppl reading, that
i just found out about this today and am trying my best to settle this over at my end.
also, i would appreciate a forward of mails to all blogshop owners regarding this matter.
we're all in this circle of blogosphere together.
i will in return help out if anyone here had any problems like this.
so, please, help me out dear blogshop owners and reviewers. :(
i've lost all contacts, all customers details as well.
i've created a blog regarding this matter here: *Click*
everyone can read the whole story there.
thank you and sorry for everything.

-val from MC and PS-"
Sent from: myhackedaccounts2000@gmail.com
And to everyone out there - I think the most important thing to take from this is to be really careful about your Internet security. I reckon poor Valerie's ordeal isn't a result of hacking, but of someone guessing her password(s).

A final note - I have not received any word from Valerie that she has set up a new blogshop - so until then, be careful where you purchase your items, ladies. :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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