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Thursday, August 13, 2009

"8 Slices of Sunshine"

Good morning, sunshine! :D

Having placed myself under quasi-quarantine (no thanks to the H1N1 outbreak on my campus), it's Saturday night as I'm writing this review. :) But I must say, there's SO much awesome stuff out there these days! Besides, online shopping is the best way to go when we've gotta stay away from public places and stuff. :D Tell your Momma you have a valid reason to shop online now!

"It's for the sake of my health, mum."

In case you're as much of an investigative journalist a busybody as I am, I'll probably be doing a whole other Special And Unnecessary blog post about all the things I've bought online. :D It's fun to share!

Today's review is based on this concept: If sunlight kills germs, then wearing sunshine-inspired things will totally keep your spirits up and health intact! :D Excuse my (lack of) powers of deduction while you enjoy these goodies I've spotted across the Internet.

From Woollen Wonders RM35 | From Love.Beauty.Freedom.Trust RM25 | RM35

Wear some sunlight on your head with handmade beanies! Available in a whole massacre of colours. I know the word "massacre" isn't appropriate, but I just felt like using it. :D
Oh, and pull on a rainbow-coloured, polka-dotted cardigan over that sunburst tie-dye dress - and you're all set for an outrageously sunny day out. You won't even see the haze anymore.

From Jacy Queen RM43 | From RaRa Black RM65 | From HeartWear Vintage RM29

My favourite flower is the sunflower. :D What's yours? The yellow-green dress on the left reminds me of sunflowers, but I think the print may be of daisies instead.
Another aspect of sunshine is The Blinding Effect -
which the blood-red figure-flounting dress and polka-dotted vintage dress both have! :D

Top row from Modello RM30
Bottom row from Rags & Threads RM25 | RM30

Stripes, checks and colours! :D Vibrant apparel at their best.
I think my next thing is going to be scarves. I love all the ones at Rags & Threads! :)
It's like the only thing that can fill that huge gaping Gossip Girl void while I await Season 3.

Oooh and Modello has opened its own boutique! So drop by and visit them! :)
Lot G05, Ground Floor, Amcorp Mall
18, Jalan Persiaran Barat, 46050 Petaling Jaya

From Andmoreagain RM35 | RM35 | RM35

My all-time favourite preloved blogshop never disappoints! :D
More rainbow-shackling colours and prints on these dresses - whether kimono, tank or boho!
If anyone's discouraged by their bidding system, don't be, okay? :)
Just drop them a note on the chatbox or fill in the contact form to ask for their help.

From Clothesbucket RM45 | RM38 | From Lovely Sunday RM60

Ah, after what seems like forever, Clothesbucket is back! :D
Kye Li was the person who convinced me to try maxi dresses. Maxi dress fanatic unleashed!
And Lovely Sunday has spanking new stocks! Quirky tees from across the pond, hehe!
But I've picked a nature-loving, sunshine-embracing, flower-power dress to highlight. :P

Top row from Elegant Extravaganza RM45
Bottom row from Muaxx RM65 | RM60

Drool.. I wonder if it's healthy that I have 1 hanky maxi, 1 chiffon maxi, 1 denim maxi, 1 cotton maxi - and still am constantly on the lookout for more. :D Stamp collecting was so two decades ago. Haven't you heard? "I like to collect maxi dresses in my free time" is formally accepted in all elementary school essays ever since 7 January 2009 (a.k.a. "Maxi Dress Day").

From Buttons & Biscotti RM35 | From Rebellz RM180

On the left: what a relaxed-looking cropped cardigan. :) Breeze, laid-back, casual. Available in two muted colours that go with practically everything. Also can meet up with Buttons & Biscotti to try on the clothes in Taipan, USJ. ;)
On the right: Rebellz is back with their latest collections! Exclusive and limited-edition dresses designed by the two masterminds behind Rebellz, Ju & Jean. :D

Think of this last segment of today's feature review as a crash course on pre-order & ready-stock blogshops. :) You're probably baffled by how many there are on the blogrolls (see: "Ready Stocks" and "Pre-Orders" on the sidebar) - and wondering how in the world you're going to decide where to buy your things from if every shop has the same stuff. So I'm gonna make life a li'l easier for you and personally recommend these 4 blogshops to start you off when it comes to ready-stocks & pre-orders. But bear in mind that there's one golden rule when it comes to tackling these 2 categories: Price Comparison Is Key.

Dressing Box - Totally new pre-order blogshop. But I feel like their prices are among the most affordable of pre-orders. There are other really affordable pre-order blogshops, but I'll get back to you on those at a later date! :)

Ladies Mall - A ready-stock blogshop with wonderful prices! Oh and btw, Ladies Mall is offering 10% discount for items reviewed on this blog! :D That means the lace dress (available in beige and black too) is only RM30 for you. Yay! Your password is: "I'm a YSK reader".

In Style Store - A ready-stock blogshop widely reputed as touting the best prices around. More often than not, I'd agree - but the only glitch is that you have to hurry, because things get sold out way fast!

Bolster Store - A ready-stock blogshop notorious for highly affordable bags. :D I bought a dress from them (during the course of my "researching" pre-order & ready-stock blogshops, haha!) and I like their service too.

Okay, hope that's helped at least one person reading this! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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