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Thursday, August 6, 2009

"8 Tools for the Shopping Season"

All aboard the shopping cart! :D
For the Malaysian Mega Sales Season has arrived!
'Tis the season of bazaars, clearance sales, massive discounts - whether online or offline.

Which leaves us with this question:
What're the 8 tools of the shopping season?

So I've caught the flu bug and the cat's got my tongue -
so here's a post that's so blissfully logical that we don't need too many words here! :)

Tool 1:
Keep your hair outta your eyes, so you can spot those bargains clearly!

From Edward Cullen RM10 | Baby Be Dazzled RM10 | Minimours RM15

Tool 2:
We have crazy hot weather.
Stay cool, or the heat'll get to you - resulting in hasty impulse purchases -
or worse, turning off the shopping mood!

From Seventh Day RM32 | Miss OCD RM25 | YeePii's Closet RM35

Tool 3:
You'll want to try things on. Tube tops and tank tops are the solution to avoiding long queues or non-existent changing rooms. And just for laughs, check out Kenny Sia's blog post about his experience at a warehouse sale!

Tool 4:
Personally, I know no other love like my love tank dresses. :D
Easy to take off and pull on for massive changing room action.
They're flowy, cooling, and comfy - wear them with tights, jeans, or just show off 'em legs!

From F.A.T RM32 | Dollhouse Avenue RM34 | Oops Treat RM32

Tool 5:
Keep your spirits up with the pretty, colourful, and/or sweet!
Bad weather, pushy crowds, and a shrinking allowance can easily put you in a bad mood -
so stay cheerful and positive with fun dresses that emanate sunshine. :D
Remember - shopping is meant to be fun!

From Emcee Couture *self-designed* | A Bit of Everywhere RM35 | 1dressaholic RM39

Tool 6:
Don't let your bottoms get in the way. :P
Denim or cotton shorts will be great to go with almost any tops you try on -
and leggings spare you the button-bulge and you can try on just about anything!

Shorts from The F Word RM30 | Cats Whiskers RM47.20
Leggings from My Clothes Affair RM22 | Midnight Glam RM32 | Avenue JV RM19

Tool 7:
Your bag is your single most-important shopping tool!
Not only does it have all your shopping currency inside, the ocassion determines your bag.
The logic is simple: If you're going thrifting and bargain-hunting, where you need to bury your hands into piles and piles of RM10 clothes, bring a sling bag. If you're going shopping in a mall or to a place where you're going to have to stuff lots of purchases into your bag, bring a large shoulder bag. :D

From Darisy2u RM10 | Stuff R Love RM42 | J's Fashion Diary RM38

Tool 8:
Too many times we've spent the entire day shopping,
and the next two days whining about how our feet are killing us.
The importance of footwear is impossible to ignore!
Sandals and flip-flops are the shoes of the shopping future.

From Inside Out RM28 | PCTG RM50| Orange Little RM19
*Psst.. those are gold Cotton On flats from Pretty Clothes To Go! Free Pos Laju too!*

Are you ready?
Time to hit those sales!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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