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Monday, August 10, 2009

A different kind of virus.

*Edited Note from contest organisers (14 August): The coupon is limited so if you try keying in and it does not work, that means it's already ran out =( To make this game more fun and fair, each reader is only eligible for ONE coupon throughout 13-21st Aug.

Happy shoppers ...

Take a deep breath.

And everything else available at AliceWonders.com ...

Will be going on a very special SALE for Your Shopping Kaki readers.
(That means you. Yes, you. The one reading this!)

Here's everything you need to know.

Remember how Alice shrinks and grows when she eats the mushroom (or things in wonderland?). Basically we’ll put a nice coupon on this website…(or story-wise, Alice dropped a magic mushroom in YSK, haha!) and the coupon will shrink or grow EVERY DAY (maybe even twice a day, who knows?) from 13th to 21st August.

To redeem the coupon, you just need to click on the banner, and you will be led to a special YSK AliceWonders.com page. The discount code will be displayed on that page - so you need to enter that discount code to get the discount. Discounts range from 10% to whooping 50%! This magic-mushroom webpage will only be available via this blog (Your Shopping Kaki), so be sure to click on that coupon fast! :D

This is what the magic mushroom coupon will look like:

The discount status will be written on the coupon banner! ;)

The coupon banner will be directly above blog posts for the entire contest period
(and we've even got more fun in store with AliceWonders.com after this contest is over!).

This is a contest of speed and staying glued. :D
Hit the "Refresh" button to see when the coupon shrinks and grows!

But wait ... here's the best part ...

V I R A L | E F F E C T
Now, you're probably wondering why this blog post is called "A different kind of virus". Time to let you in on the viral effect that'll have you super excited! We'll be giving out TIPS on when the coupon will be shrinking to its lowest. :)

All you have to do? Email this juicy information to 8 friends and "CC:" alice@alicewonders.com to get early tips!

What to include in your e-mail:
Compulsory Subject: “AliceWonders.com dropped her mushroom!”
Compulsory Link: http://yourshoppingkaki.blogspot.com/2009/08/different-kind-of-virus.html

Personally, I think all of us really need these tips! :D Bag Wonderland is famous for its unpredictability - even I don't know when these coupons are going to shrink and grow! Which makes sense, since I'm not the one controlling its fluctuations, hahaha.

Good luck, ladies! :D This awesome giveaway/contest/sale starts this Thursday (because I'll put up the coupon banner then) - but I guess we'll all know more when we get those TIPS!

PS: What'cha waiting for? :) Start sending those e-mails now, and Alice will get right back to ya!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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