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Friday, August 14, 2009

Take a break. (Have a Kit Kat.)

Public service commercial break! :D We haven't had one of these since the Use-Yuan-Soap-To-Prevent-H1N1 one.

It's been just about eight months since Your Shopping Kaki started this fun little project called Your Shopping Kaki, and one non-shopping/fashion thing I've realised is that unemployment is a sad-but-true and increasingly-worsening problem that a part of the online shopping community (readers, sellers, shoppers) are facing.

You know. With the economy going down the toilet and all. So, here's a non-paid public service advertorial just in case some of you out there are looking for work! :) I figured, if I can help my readers to earn money (instead of just spending money), I should. :D

Here's the deal. One of my friends has just started this physiotherapy center in Damansara - so they have job vacancies!

If any of you, or your friends, family, acquaintances are looking for work, here are the vacancies at this new company:
  • Receptionist
  • Masseuer
  • Physiotherapist
  • Telemarketer
Contact them at acephysio@gmail.com :) Good luck!

---------- T H E O T H E R T H I N G ---------
I was shopping on school grounds (heheheee this is what happens when your campus is filled with blogshop owners!) and in the middle of a COD when I literally met the owner of Couture And Doll because the poor thing needs 300 surveys filled out as part of her Honours assignment. She's really sweet, but campus is such a cruel place to try to get people to answer surveys because everybody's rushing here and there for assignments most of the time - so if you've got a minute to spare, let this be your random act of kindness for the day - and fill out this survey (CLICK!) and e-mail it to lohejian@gmail.com. Download the file and answer it via Microsoft Word. :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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