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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

May's Blogshop of the Month: The Attire's Attic

They sailed through Round 1 with 30% of the vote and 179 votes ...
Then they conquered the Finale with 56% of the vote and 424 votes!

We bring you a belated feature story on May's Blogshop of the Month ...
The Attire's Attic

The true winning blogshop with regular updates, friendly blogshop owners & classic pieces,
complete with consistent photographs with relaxed and natural lighting.
The kinda shop you just can't wait to start shopping at! ;)

Q&A with Geraldine
Co-owner of The Attire's Attic
  • YSK: Congratulations on winning Blogshop of the Month (May)! What's the story behind The Attire's Attic? How did it begin? :D
  • Geraldine: Mrs TAA used to own a boutique 2 years ago. I like to dress up on the mannequins in her boutique i remembered back then, after awhile i told her about the idea of owning my own e-online boutique, Mrs TAA has helped me in searching for the suppliers. And my best friend, ZhaoXia, has created the name for me :) The Attires' Attic launched on 23rd June 2008.
  • YSK: Who are the people behind TAA? :) Tell us about yourselves!
  • Geraldine: Mrs TAA, and Miss TAA!!! :) Emails are handled mostly by Mrs TAA, i only help once in awhile. We choose clothes together :) it's like the combination of her taste and mine.

  • YSK: What's your philosophy about clothes you choose for your blogshop? Do you have certain criteria when you go stocking, or you just choose whatever catches your eye? :)
  • Geraldine: Oh erm, i m the kind of person which does not really believe into trends, or 'must wear branded stuffs' only looks classy kind. But i definitely love flipping into fashion magazines to give me a hint on what is suitable for us to wear in Malaysia. I love to be simple, and fresh but most of all the qualities of our attires is at our top priority :)
  • YSK: What's your most memorable TAA experience to date?
  • Geraldine: Many! The most memorable one was like this:- I underwent a surgery on the Christmas day itself last year. Our customers were being very 'pushy', that was understandable as they want to get their stocks as soon as possible for the holidays seasons =) No choice, i have to start working after 2 days i get out from the hospital, heheh. I think i have became a workaholic since i have owned my own business.
  • YSK: If you had to choose 1 item that you've ever sold on TAA, which is your favourite and why?
  • Geraldine: Can i choose two? =P

"The very simple yet elegant vintage chiffon dress, I can match this with a jeans and also clinchers, I wear this for outings with my girlfriends day and night!"
See it more in our blogshop:- Batch56. Miss Love Vintage.

"Simple dress, matches with leggings, and I'm off to go for classes! :D"
See more from TAA: Miss Te Amo
  • YSK: Haha, nobody ever chooses just one. :P Are you having any promotions now?
  • Geraldine: We are having major major sales currently dear! :D Visit us to check it out! (Psst, New Arrivals are also having sales too! - MAJOR DEDUCTIONS!)
  • YSK: As May's Blogshop of the Month, what advice would you give to those just starting their blogshops? :)
  • Geraldine: Patience and trust! Ah, and advertise more in popular review sites, eg: Your Shopping Kaki, that really helps.
  • YSK: Do you have a sneak preview of upcoming updates? :)
  • Geraldine: Haha, TAA updates very often, 2 times a week, sometimes even 3. So anyone can just visit us everyday :) Sneak previews? *drumroll* ...

The oh-so-famous washed off jeans! | Plain simple tops | Chain Belts :)

And more more more goodies every week! =P

Message from The Attire's Attic:
"We would like to have this opportunity to say a BIG thank you to all of our valued customers, for being patience, understanding and very co-operative. Without all of the supports, we won't be able to continue to be here till today. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Besides, also to my family members and to all of my best friends, who helped me advertise around their blogs, gave me creative ideas, helped me think of my boutique's name, designing my banner, aaand whoever has voted for me :) Thank you Your Shopping Kaki :) We are honoured to have such award, hopefully we can win more in the years to come! :D"

Customer Feedback
"I like TAA's clothings, they always has the best materials compared to those i brought from other blogshops. TAA u rock!" - Karen.

"Congratulations for getting first place ;) i voted as well. You deserved it" - Su Zen Seow.

"Always a pleasure shopping with attire's attic! :P Btw..i've voted for attire's attic in the kakishoppingblog ...twice!..hehe good luck! :)" - Pink Cotton.

"Me again lols~ Firstly congrats for winning the blogshop of the month . I voted u as well ^^" - Queenie Leong.

"Hey, your model can bring out the outfits pretty well, me and my gf have saw many from other blogshops and they looked so different compared to yours. Keep up the good work! I sometimes purchase from you for my gf, and she wore them all the time i bet she likes your things too, cheers!" -WB.

Loving The Attire's Attic yet? :)
*Click here to visit them today!*

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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