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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Like omg, how cool can you get?

I'm not much of a gadget girl, but these awesome finds from Kawaii Store (who previously caused a mini-tsunami of excitement on this blog when you guys read about their jelly lens!) have got me as excited about cool gadgets as the subscribers of LikeCool!

At first glance, you're probably thinking, "Uhh. What's up with the pink camera?" This pink camera just happens to be the world's first soft glue digital jelly camera, that's what's up with it! One of 'em cool LOMO cams! With crystal-clear fuselage and a specially-designed lens, this exquisite camera is 100% digital - no need for film. Easy to connect to the computer for uploading - and all you have to do to take a picture is to press the shutter!

For RM199, you find in your hands an all-jelly creation with a storage space of 209 digital photos and LCD display - I'm thinking it's also make a great gift for my 8-year-old cousins who are always wrestling my camera out of my hand, and giving me a heart attack every time they look like they're about to drop it!

But even that's not enough of a cute dosage yet!
Check out these Barbie Bear Toy Film Cameras - brand new and totally portable.

These babies don't even need batteries - you can take as many photographs as you like - and all you need to do is press the shutter. How convenient is that, right? I can't imagine the number of times I wanted to whip out my digicam to take a really quirky shot - only to find that the batteries were dead. :( And for only RM119, you get these immortal cameras.

Obviously, it's a pretty cool "toy"!

And if you thought that was the coolest gadget ever...
Check out the Lomo Aqua Pix Waterproof Camera!

My best friend loves diving in Langkawi, and I'll bet she'd kill for one of these! I mean, it's a diving camera that can "dive" in to 3 meters, there are 14 ridiculously adorable patterns to choose from - whether you're a neon child like me or into pale pastels like the sweet girl next door, or even crazy kid patterns that would be perfect for your kid sibling or niece or nephew or younger friends. And it's going for just for RM69 - where else can you find such a small price to pay for that big smile on your face, or the face of the person you're giving this wonderful gift to? :D

Underwater photos no ordinary digicam can handle ;)

Any of these cool gadgets caught your eye?
*Click here to buy it or find out more!*

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


miss rebel said...

OMG how can i purchase this crazy cool things?????

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Miss Rebel :)

By visiting www.kawaii-store.blogspot.com

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