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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Because I can't go shopping ...

... I make up for it by shopping for you. :D

It's been a whole month since I've gone shopping (which is a long period of temptation for a blogger who blogs about shopping all the time) - and I swear, it's not because I don't want to. This is what happens when your shopping kaki's shopping kaki do shopping-killjoy things like blow away their allowances in the first five days of the month. -_- You know who you are! Lol.

So, until September rolls around, I'll be suffering from SWS (Shopping Withdrawal Syndrome) and living through you - my wonderful reader. :) Live and let live! Here are 8 blogshops that I would so be shopping at right now if I wasn't saving up like a hamster for my monthly shopping sprees. :D


From The October RM59 | RM59
Oh, tank dresses! How I adore thee.
These pastel pink and starry blue dresses have rendered me speechless.
See how well-draped the pink one is - and how unassumingly beautiful the blue is.
For more tank dresses, be sure not to miss tomorrow's review! ;)

From Girls Meet Glamour RM40
I'm ashamed to say that I still don't have a zipper dress. :(
Cannot fit me-lah. Strictly up to UK10, or a minute UK12.
But aren't these total treasures from this new blogshop? Zipper (tank) dress with prints!
One for the pianist and one for the photography buff. :D

From Colour Me Pretty RM40 | RM59
Nice right? :D Paint-splattered tube top-slash-minidress.
Total caligraphy-lined, pinstripe-inspired blazer.
I'm too lazy to learn up the real fashion diction so I'm just making things up as I go along. :D
Don't be too shocked if I suddenly describe a dress as akin to a cow with headlights reflected in its eyes while being milked and staring at the starry night sky above.

From Miss OCD RM58
What an interesting bag! Elephant tree trunk design.
Want some attention? Use this bag! Gawsh, it's so quirky.
And those jumbo tribal rings? Adds to that X-factor that sets this bag apart from the rest!

From More More Clothes RM38 | RM38 | RM39
In case you haven't noticed, I really like florals and prints. :D
And normally pre-order blogshops have the same things,
so it becomes a rather mundane task of price comparison -
but these three, I haven't seen around that much at all. :)

From Myfavouritees.com RM39.90
Sweet dresses or long graphic tanks, take your pick! :D
Artsy, fun, flirty, sweet - all three perfect for campus, shopping, parties, lounging.
And the highest price on the site now seems to be about RM39.90!
Reminds me of Pretty And Under 40. I miss her updates :(

From Nenene"bubu" RM32 | RM28
While two semesters of studying semiotics (now into my third!) has left me a little scarred for...
objects like The Banana, this vintage-inspired necklace is too quirky to pass on!
While I keep this blog strictly Untuk Tontonan Umum, also check out the floral scarf!

From A Fashion Story RM11.70 | RM15.50 | RM17
Last but not least, allow me to introduce the sponsor of our September contest/giveaway. :)
You'll be reaping AliceWonders.com joys this month -
and A Fashion Story's beauties next month!

Okay, watch this space for tomorrow's weekly review! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

Adele said...

Lol! Sha-Lene, u made my day with the cow and semiotics comments. No one can survive 2 semesters of semiotics unmarred for life =P

I don't have a zipper up dress too. Well, technically I have one, but I'm not a minute 12, so... it's as good as not having one to begin with XD

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