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Friday, August 7, 2009

Too cool for school.

Some things are just too cool for school.

From the people who brought you the Upper-East-Side Gossip Girl of gadgets ...
This time, they bring you Korean LOMO cameras and Vista Quest mini LOMO digital cameras!

3 different types of Korean LOMO Cameras

Type 1: Korean LOMO Twin Stars Camera
  • Price: RM99
  • 2-in-1 photo frame
  • With a super 23.4mm wide angle, Japanese-made dual lens and multiple shoot function, this LOMO-style, 2-lens film camera qualifies as the ultimate gadget for casual, snapshot photography
  • Pictured below:

Type 2: Korean LOMO 3 Lens Robot Camera
  • Price: RM109
  • Splits image into three
  • Small and simple - with highly functional creativity
  • Pictured below:

Type 3: Korean LOMO 4 Lens Action Camera
  • Price: RM119
  • Splits image into four
  • One snap of the camera takes four pictures in the span of about one second
  • Pictured below:

All 3 types of cameras above:
  • Use normal 35mm film that can be bought from any photography shops
  • Do not need battery
  • Are not digital cameras - film must be developed (and can then be scanned and stored into computer if you wish)

Vista Quest Mini LOMO Digital Camera
(with video clip mode)

VISTA QUEST is the most LOMO-style and mini digital camera around the world. A photograph taken using this awesome little camera will have the most similar LOMO style - with rich and fresh colour, protruding impressions, dark corners showing out on the four sides of the photo like the classic film photo. Plus, the keychain design just makes it that much more convenient for the ever-ready photographer in all of us! ;) Each unit going for only RM250.

Last but not least, these mini digicams can totally be used with
Kawaii Store's infamous Jelly Lens! :D

Intrigued? ;)
*Click here to visit Kawaii Store now!*

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Anonymous said...

Infamous? I dun geddit....did it do something bad in the past? *confused*


Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hehehe yeah! It made us spend money :P

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