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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A World of Shopping Under One Roof!

Hello, my name is Sha-Lene and I'm a self-confessed shopping kaki who can't go three days without shopping. But you already know that, which is why you're reading my blog. :P

I regularly hound my favourite malls and retail outlets, get e-mail updates on sale announcements, and have membership cards to every shopping-related institution imaginable. I'm the girl my friends call when they need to a shopping kaki to get a new cardigan, or work shoes, or if they want to start shopping online or check out a bazaar. I could endure four-inch heels for five hours of mall hopping. I could wake up at 5 a.m. for a warehouse sale. And I'd be totally willing to wait for months and months if an item I wanted would take that long to get to me. I can't figure out how to use the microwave oven in the kitchen, but I'll surely try my hardest to get myself to a bazaar! :P

In fact, the only thing that gets between me and a shopping bag or parcel full of shiny new things are academic commitments and, if ever, a lack of new things in the market. Sometimes for hyper-shoppers like your shopping kaki, there are only so many choices in malls or local wholesale suppliers. Lucky for us though, there are stores like TopHauz which import items from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Europe!

Bigger scope, more variety! :D Usually I don't buy pre-order clothes from catalogues because I can't fit into standard size 6 clothing - and because some imitation-catalogue items really do only fit sizes 4-6 - but once I tried TopHauz, I knew they were something different! :)

It isn't a plus-sized store, but their items are authentic pieces from the brands and labels stated.
  • First off, that means there are sizes -
  • second, the quality is assured -
  • and third, you can shop confidently and worry-free about your whether your items are going to look like the pictures or not! :)
My Personal Experience
  • In total, I've bought four items from TopHauz - each from a different supply source so that I could see if the quality was thoroughly good. :D
  • There's a maxi dress from a Korean webstore (Qnigirls), a bustier dress from Forever 21, a floral jumpsuit from a Japanese webstore (Pageboy), and a quilted bag from a Taiwanese catalogue.

  • I received everything in perfect condition, individually wrapped.
  • The quality of each and every item is really flawless!
  • Another thing I love is that the items are not very common, which is great because outfit clashing is so annoying! :D

  • The quilted bag from the Taiwan catalogue: I've had my fair share of catalogue bags from pre-order blogshops, and half the time they aren't good quality - but this was an authentic catalogue bag, and it really was a solid bag with no stupid defects! And it's so pretty and good quality :D

  • The maxi dress also looked exactly the same as the picture :D Totally love it! There are heaps more maxi dresses in Top Hauz, perfect for your Maxi Dress Day hunt. ;)

  • The dress from Forever21 :) I suspect these are those factory outlet releases, but rest assured it's exactly a F21 piece! :D Just look at the evidence:

  • And last but not least, my absolute favourite: the floral jumpsuit! :D This is now a much-used piece in my wardrobe, and I love wearing it anywhere, hehe! It's so comfortable and the whole piece is so unique - total strangers in malls even ask me where I got my jumpsuit :) And I tell them, TopHauz.com :D Because there are so many clothes and accessories in-store that will make your outfit stand out!

Is TopHauz a pre-order blogshop?
  • Yes and no.
  • They handle both ready-stock and pre-order items.
  • Everything is neatly organised on the sidebar :D
What kind of items is available on TopHauz?
  • Women's apparel, teen apparel, menswear.
  • Bags, accessories, and miscellaneous products like fur boots and fleece blankets according to seasonal trends!
  • These items are from Japan, Korea, Europe and U.S.
  • The point of "TopHauz" is to create a "house" where online shoppers can look for everything under one roof! :P
What makes TopHauz stand out?
  • High quality of the products.
  • A statement from Ms. Ong, owner of TopHauz: "We understand that there are in fact too many online shops nowadays selling very nice clothings. But sometimes, the quality that we receive is totally different from what we seen in the web photos. (Sorry no offense to other online shops, just a personal previous experience of disappointment felt...) Hence, you can see that for TopHauz, we have very near close-up pics (even for our new Pre-Order B items from China) so that customers can have a clear look on the products they are to purchase."
Why so sure about the authenticity of products?
  • Most of their Ready Stocks clothing comes with labels and tags, unless mentioned in the respective product page if labels have been cut off due to sensitive pricing reasons.
  • Some of the products will even come in whole complete form together with market price tags (mostly their Japanese clothing).
How long is the wait for Pre-Order items?
  • Usually customers will have to wait for about 2-3 weeks, counting from the date payment banked in. The fastest is within 2weeks.
  • For Ready Stocks, it is next day delivery once payment is received. :)
Any promotions now?
  • Currently, customers who purchase 3 items or more from the same category will get to enjoy discounts as shown in respective product page. However for Pre-Order (B) items from China, minimum order will be 5 pieces to get discounts.
  • They are also having a Year End Sale on TopHauz! :) All products on stock clearance are under the "Specials" category. *Psst: Spotted an authentic Liz Lisa tiered denim skirt for only RM49!*
Confused about the categories?
  • Pre-Order (A) are all Women's Korea Brands,
  • Pre-Order (B) all Women's China products.
  • Ready Stocks: Accessories, very affordable bags from Taiwan & China (though 1-2 from Japan), and clothings of Grade A quality (supermarket type) mainly of Japanese brands & European brands and some Korean brands.
We love the stylish, trendy pieces that come quality assured ...

As well as the unique, exclusiveness of their designs in Malaysia ...

And the fact that we can wear what our favourite Hollywood stars are wearing! :P

Plus boyfriends, husbands and metrosexuals have a place to shop online too :D

If you've read until the end of this review ...
  • We think you deserve a reward! :D
  • TopHauz is going to personally give out mysterious gifts to readers who shop with them after reading this review, yay! :)
  • E-mail TopHauz now with the answer to this question "Between Korea and Japan, which city in which country would you like to visit most?" followed by the slogan "I love YSK!" - you stand a chance to win a gift from Japan or a gift from Korea! :D
  • All you need to do is register with TopHauz, then email Ms. Ong at sales@tophauz.com their answers.
  • Prizes are given out based on "first come first serve" basis (meaning the first 2 readers), and prizes will be sent out together with your first/next purchase. :)
  • Each shopper after that will also receive consolation prizes! :D Just write "I love YSK!" in your e-mail order!

Click HERE to start shopping at TopHauz! :D
It's so totally worth it!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


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