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Monday, December 6, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

Ho ho ho, shopping kaki! :) We hope you're having a merry week! 'Tis the season for Christmas shopping, and boy, do we have truckloads of articles in store for you! :D

We're feeling inspired by the classic "Twelve Days of Christmas" song:

While we won't exactly be posting 12 posts in 12 days back-to-back, we've certainly got 12 kinda items in store for you to read about! :D

Day 1: A partridge in a pear tree
I don't know about a bird in pear trees, but I know that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush :D So get a cute skirt in your wardrobe and it'll have you set for many colourful outfits!

From The Survival Store RM39
Oooh, cute little tutu skirts that go with everything! :)
From tank tops to tees to fluffy blouses or pullovers :D
With leggings or sexy bare legs - definitely a trendy basic for Christmas and all year round!

Day 2: Two turtle doves
With the festive season comes festive parties that we want to dress up and flaunt our assets for! ;) But just how do we pull of those bareback dresses or plunging necklines without revealing bra straps or your entire brassiere? :D Or enhance cleavage to fill out that sexy V-neck dress?

From Supermodel's Secrets RM12-RM29 *free shipping, multiple boxes* Click here and here for all their boob-related utilities! :D
Writing a personal product review on the nipple stickers and bare lifts soon -
tried them and they're dead useful! :) Also bought the invisible fashion tape,
read rave reviews about how useful they are and glad they're available online now :D

Day 3: Three French hens
Nothing reminds me more about France and Europe than designer bags :D What a great Christmas gift a designer bag or wallet would make for your loved ones! :)
From I Want Bags RM1650 | RM1499 | RM199
Oooh, look what we have here! :) Something for the boys too!
Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger - you name the designer, they've got it! ;)
In shopping online for designer items, there's nothing that's more important than a trustworthy seller -
and you've got that with Cindy from I Want Bags :) Shop without worry!

Day 4: Four calling birds
I hate to be literal, but 12 ideas is a little bit more challenging a review to write than I had anticipated! :P So four calling birds - makes me think about iPhone casings! :D

From iPhone Baju RM70 | RM60
I like this seller's service, and they are quite the established seller on Lowyat forum as well :)
A really large selection of iPhone casings - from cutesy to witty and quirky!
Will be writing a product review on one of their casings soon! :D Caters for 3G, 3GS and 4G.

Day 5: Five golden rings

I don't know about where to get golden rings other than Poh Kong, but here's a promise ring for top-notch quality and service! :) Tophauz.com is now one of my favourite online stores to shop in, because they have a price range that includes anyone and items that are unique and really nice! :) Basically, you get what you pay for :) A thorough product review coming up soon, but thought I'd give a quick prelude first to eager shoppers! :D

From TopHauz RM35 | RM110 | RM19
Here are three great pieces out of a vast collection of items to die for :D
Those leggings are very popular in Korea, part of the jailbird stripe trend and all :)
The peacock-print dress is a Vero Moda dress, gorgeous like crazy and loved by celebs!
And then we have the slim Korean wallets everyone's after these days! :)

Day 6: Six geese a-laying
The first thought that goes through my mind at this line is, "What a mess!" As messy as a woman's handbag! :P Which is why one of the most ideal gifts for Christmas is a bag organizer! I was first introduced to bag organizers by Tammy, the beauty blogger of Plus Size Kitten, in her blog post.
Bag organizers from tidy&neat RM35 - RM40
Useful, practical, water resistant and comes in a palette of lovable designs! :)
If you're not convinced, we have a personal product review coming up soon! :D

Day 7: Seven swans a-swimming
As pretty as our clothes and shoes and accessories are, we can't help but feel frustrated at post-exam pimple breakouts and work-stress-related zits! So it's great to get to the root of the problem and eliminate blackheads before they turn into pimples :D
From Quinn RM1 per pack | From Prettylicious Babes RM12
Do these two products look familiar to you? :D They both remove blackheads!
If you're a seasoned online shopper, you've probably seen them around - and if, like me,
you never tried them before, you'll want to tune in for my upcoming product review! :D
I tried both and I think they are both very effective :) More details later in the product revew!
*Psst: Spotted a Chanel-inspired bag in Prettylicious Babes for RM10 only!*

Day 8: Eight maids a-milking
Eight being my favourite number, how could I not write about plus-sized clothes in the eighth verse, right? :P There's no online shopping I love more than a good plus-sized store - due to too many cookies, muruku and nasi lemak servings - but hey, thank goodness there are still gorgeous clothes for every size, hehe! :D
From Chunky RM67 | RM85 | RM80
Pretty ya? The dress on the right - in different colours - that comes in small sizes too :D
I did some shopping with this blogshop a while ago, and my items are arriving soon -
so I'll be sure to write a product review for fellow plus-sizers to enjoy! :)
Really like the blogshop owner, Madihah, as she has great customer service :D

Day 9: Nine ladies dancing
One of the things I love most about going to primary and secondary school in Malaysia is being able to wear baju kurung as your uniform regardless of your ethnicity :) I find it beautiful and ladylike, and inherently Malaysian :D

From Irenelim Fashion RM89 | RM22 | RM89
Aren't these clothes beautiful? :) And so is the gradient headscarf!
Elegant, unique, and perfectly willowy - modest and fashionable at the same time :D

Day 10: Ten lords a-leaping
No lords in Malaysia to leap around, unless you count your titchy siblings lording over you, but there sure are lords in Europe - land of H&M! :D I adore H&M, and I adore Smashing Pit Stop even more for bringing in these authentic H&M tees and tanks!
From Smashing Pit Stop RM50 | RM40 | RM45 *free Pos Laju for all*
I LIKE! You like? :D And Star Wars fans will LOVE that shirt! :P
Have a look-see in-store for lots of designer bags from Europe - especially Longchamps!

Day 11: Eleven pipers piping
Follow the Pied Piper, or follow the butterflies - which ever you prefer, follow this link and check out these gorgeous butterfly-print maxi dresses! :D

From Garde-Robe RM45
Ahhhhhh so fantastical! I could dive right into those prints and roll around :P

Day 12: Twelve drummers drumming

If you're vacationing in a country where there are actual drummers drumming for the winter holidays, chances are you'll need some winter boots and shoes! :D I've just come back to sunny, warm Malaysia from a couple of freezing cold countries abroad, and I gotta say, I saw everyone wearing Ugg boots everywhere! Even in Costco, LOL. Anyway, for those of us who find Ugg boots a little too out-of-budget and can't be worn in Malaysia (although we actually can, if we really wanted to! :P), there are lots of winter boots and covered shoes available online these days :)

From Agape Boutique RM80
Now, these Doc Martens - or at least, Doc Marten-inspired boots -
are quite the sturdy, solid pair of shoes for holidays here or elsewhere! :)
I've personally bought a pair in black (size 39 for my 25cm feet)
and safely received them - and LOVE them - so I'll be writing a product review
on these soon so you can see the real photos and all! :D
P.s: You might want to look in-store for a gigantic selection of new shoes ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Anonymous said...

the nose pack u can get it at daiso (available at curve,ioi mall and sunway pyramid) for rm5

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Thanks for your input, Anonymous :) I'd just like it noted that not everybody has access to Daiso, hehe

Lindsay said...

So many Cool Gift Ideas! I will definitely look in to these, thanks!

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