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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Product Review: Hair and eye care

Product Review: MagicBoo Hair Treatment Cream & Crystal Collagen Eye Mask
By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

There will not be many pictures to show over the review as most items are applied on at situation deemed hard to snap any picture. Furthermore, I do not think my camera bought from Tesco will do justice to show you anything clearer than a piece of watermelon ;) (what am I talking?)

Spree from Prettylicious! | the 225ml tube of MagicBoo

MagicBoo 1 Minute Treatment Cream
For those of you who are familiar with the brand name, this should not be anything new. For those who have very little knowledge perhaps you should watch out for this particular brand name as it is a brand generally used in many salons and beauty parlour.

Things You May Want To Know ;
  • Texture: Pretty pasty texture. Unlike those normal conditioner that I have tried on ie, watery based. This felt like sculpting gel? =P
  • Tip: do not rinse off the excess water before applying. Let your hair drench in total wetness and rub it in.
  • Scent: You may not get accustomed to it if you are a supporter of all-things-floral. But for the call of vanity, I would suggest that you learn to like or ignore it ;)
  • Packaging: The original pack comes in the form of a tube (I tried the sample pack)
  • Price: Only RM17.90 for a tube of 22ml

The Results:
  • Despite being slightly pungent (not in a bad way), the hair does smell better after washing and drying. It leaves a lingering scent which reminds me of some baby powder ;)
  • Personally I would rate this as a conditioner for general usage on normal hair. It's mild for daily usage but may not be powerful to help you care for your bleached hair or anything under the range of 'problematic hair' which may require special conditioner. Or perhaps, alternate this with your other conditioner, like what I do :)
  • Head on to Prettylicious to grab a tube now!

Crystal Collagen Eye Mask
I love this the most! As the packaging says, it's to be used for anti-wrinkling and moisturising of the eye area. Perhaps some may think that at the age of 21 years old, it is still too early to worry about aging! Well, no harm to start young :)

What Is It?
  • This is not a paper mask drenched in liquid and all the good essence our skin will need. It actually comes in the form of a gel sheet.
  • According to the packaging, the sheet should contain plant collagen which will gradually dissolve under body temperature.
  • And apparently having a gel sheet is also a better option compared to paper mask as all the goodness of the essence are absorbed by the paper mask (as stated on the packaging).
  • Personally I feel that it really depends on your preference. I can't deny that a gel sheet is more convenient to handle as there is no excessive liquid to wipe off as compared to a paper mask.

The Results?
  • True to its words, it did dissolve by itself without me knowing it! (well, I fell aslept for over 45 minutes, but still!).
  • I wasn't expecting a full transformation to an "oh-so-fresh-and-lively-I-felt-like-Power-Puff-Girls's" eye after first application.
  • It does provide the mild hydration required in the sensitive eye area. In fact it is quite clever to have it in a gel sheet which does not drip and instead provides a cooling effect while it permeates the skin.
  • The eye area also appears less puffy than before the mask application. Pretty sufficient for a first trial ;)
  • Definitely worth a try. Of course, do not just buy one for trial. I think it is always best to buy a set of 3 to 5 pieces perhaps to see the results.
This is how the gel sheet looked like ;)

On another note, I can't resist to share with you readers that I have spotted a quilted bag for sales in PrettyLicious for only a freaking RM10! Let's see who grabs it first! =P

Do stay tuned again very soon on more reviews of the hair treatment capsules and nose mask from PrettyLicious! If you can't wait, perhaps, you should click HERE and try it yourself first ;)

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia Lee a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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