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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Celebrate Christmas, Celebrate Batik

Something a little different this Christmas
By Cynthia (Guest Blogger)

If there is anyone who is keen into handicrafts, I am sure you can see why I am as enthusiastic as a hungry puppy when it comes to talking about what I do. ;) I am not sure if I can say that I am fortunate enough to be in the handicraft industry, but I'm sure I'm one of those rare ones that get to preach about my job without putting in figures and mathematical analysis, but merely colors and prints.

I love to preach about batik!

Do you know what is batik? How it is made? What are the types of batik? How do you identify if it's an original piece? Where does it originate from? What can you do with batik?

A batik production session in progress

I shall keep the post short but illustrative as batik is all about bright happy colours! The unique factor about batik tjanting (pronounced as canting) is such that each piece has it's own unique identity as it is manually hand drawn. Of course there are also block printed batik which are stamped with metal block, which produces the generic batik sarung that is used traditionally as a bath cloth.

Batik has evolved so much that it is no longer confined to be used within the house compound but it has transcended through years of creative manipulation and is now widely used in the fashion scene for those who wants to make a different in prints. Where I come from, we adore bold, happy, cheerful colors and are firm believers that no beautiful batik should be confined as merely an attire for the civil servants or formal functions only.

Cheerful batik casual dresses all hand drawn!

Frilly hand drawn batik dresses

Corporate chic doesn't always have to look dull and monotonous!

Get sexy in a piece of pareo for your beach vacation :)

Pretty hand drawn pillow covers will make great Christmas gifts!

Mummy would be thrilled to receive a set of tablemat set in hand drawn batik!

More pillow covers and perhaps some gift boxes?

More colours to drape on your shoulder!

Intrigued? Slightly keen? Or perhaps you found something great as Christmas gifts? Head over to Isetan Gardens and have a look out for Meesha Sukira Batik.

If you were confronted by a woman talking non stop about batik in the counter, it could be me. My name is Cynthia. Please say Hi! =P

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia Lee a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by Your Shopping Kaki


Anonymous said...

what's the price range?

Cynth said...

price starts from RM50 to RM650 before the 50% promotional discounts :D

Milo said...

Love the peach+blue shawl and the tablemat set !!!!

How much??

Too bad I can't go to Isetan though..

Izyan Darling said...


Cynth said...

the shawl I am not sure if still available, but it's RM165 (i think) after discount. drawn on pure chiffon silk.
The placemat (also hand drawn) is RM95 for a set of 6 coasters, placemats and napkins =D
Milo - U still have RM5 with me! ;)

mis dulces said...


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