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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Kimono Trend

Hello, Thursday nighters! :) Thanks to the uber-mega-sale and my summer break, I've been shopping a lot this month. Like, so much that there's an entire corner of my room filled with shopping bags and clothes that are waiting for me to handwash.
Shopping Kaki Tip: Always handwash your new clothes the first time you are washing it! This is so that, if the colour runs, it won't stain your other clothes! ;)
But out of the gazillion unnecessary things I've bought, there's one particular purchase that makes me pink with glee and squeal whenever I think about it! :D It's a kimono jacket I got on sale at the mall - chiffon, flowy, lightweight, floral, big-winged, comfy, and unlike anything else I have.

When I bought it, though, I didn't realise it was part of a new "kimono jacket" trend that's been tapping on Tinseltown window panes!

Kimono jacket trend for 2010/2011!

And then that began to remind me, remember a couple of years ago, when every blogshop stocked their new collections full of kimono dresses and kimono tops, and kimono-inspired things? :D

Well, not quite these kind of traditional Japanese kimono! :P

But this kind, an updated and contemporary take on the kimono!

So I thought it would be cool to revive the kimono dress trend again in the blogshop community! :D I haven't quite seen any kimono jackets yet, but if you've spotted any of 'em around, leave a comment below ya! ;)

For now, let us be contented with short kimono dresses that show off your toned legs! Pair them with shorts or skinny jeans for a casual day in or out.

From Lollysta RM40 each

Or maybe you'd prefer long sleeves, or long skirts? :D Kimono maxi dresses have always been one of my favourite wardrobe staples! And long sleeves are perfect if you want to cover up more skin and go for a modest look. :)

The good news is that these maxi dresses are on sale! :)

All this and more, available at Lollysta!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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