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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Water Element

By Anna Chieng (Guest Blogger)

If there is one cartoon that I love watching even as an adult, it would be Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Despite the movie not doing justice to how humorous and awesome this cartoon might be, Avatar: The Last Airbender is actually really deeply-rooted in the Asian culture and is fairly mature in its theme.

It talks about people who are able to control and ‘bend’ the elements of earth, fire, air and water. Personally, if I could choose one element to bend, it would be water. Why? Simply because water-bending, and even the element of water itself, seems so graceful, elegant and feminine, much like my own personal style. When you twirl your hand in a pool of water, it appears as if the water is dancing, and I think the sight of water dancing is extremely beautiful.

If only I could bend water like Katara!

The Japanese word for ‘water’ is mizu, and it’s no coincidence that Mizu Closet’s newly launched luxury sister-site, Mizu + - which focuses more on high-street fashion type clothing- now carries a collection of jumpsuits, dresses, tops and bottoms which all seem to take on a ‘water’ theme!

When I think of water, I think of something soft and flowy. Likewise, materials and designs of such nature take centre stage in Mizu +’s stunning collection!

Check out the series of oh-so-comfortable-looking jumpsuits, most of which are made from the flowy and graceful lycra! This season’s must haves!

Stand out with this bright Salmon Peach Tank Romper RM60

This piece comes in four different colours! *drools* RM65

A delicate and soft chiffon/lace jumpsuit with ripple designs for that feminine touch RM65

Sizzling hot Zara-inspired maxi jumpsuits, not to be missed! RM65

The Zara-inspired maxi jumpsuit is my favourite of the lot! And get this: it is ALL-SOLD-OUT!!! But the good news is that they’re restocking this in both black and nude yellow, as well as in a new navy blue colour! Hurry, as the closing date for the full payment to restock this item is on the 28th of December 2010! 5th of January 2011, specially for YSK readers! (Password: I'm a YSK reader!)

Another aspect of the ‘water-themed’ collection in Mizu + would be its colour, which is dependent on its surroundings or context. Whether it’s water in a pond, sea, river, etc., its colour conforms to the theme of its surroundings.

The lake theme: White BF Shirt RM48 | Blue shorts RM49

The rocky river theme: BF Batwing Top RM44 | Grey-Green Tapered Pants RM55

Finally, one of the most beautiful sights of water is when it is falling constantly and endlessly, forming a blanket of white. That’s right, waterfalls! Though plunging at such force and sometimes at such great heights, it is still able to present itself with such a quiet elegance. And this same understated elegance can be found in Mizu +’s collection of drapey dresses :)

Inspired by waterfalls, perhaps? RM59 | RM75 | RM68

Despite the launch of Mizu + being really recent, a number of its items have already sold out! That’s how quickly these gorgeous pieces are flying off the shelves! However, Sharine and team (the owners of Mizu Closet and Mizu +) will be heading off to Japan soon to stock up, so you can expect some amazing new arrivals in the near future. So delay no more and Like their facebook fan page to get in on their latest updates and promotions! Who knows, they might even have something special for their facebook fans in the future ;)

Furthermore, they are currently having a free postage promotion specially for YOU, YSK readers! Just
  • purchase 2 items and above from Mizu + and/or Mizu Closet (yes, you can mix your purchases from the two!), and
  • include the statement “I’m a YSK reader!” in your e-mail when submitting your order
and your items will be sent to you with no additional delivery costs!

Head on over to Mizu + for a little taste
of their
mouth-watering new collection!

Also, don’t forget to check out the updates on the main site, Mizu Closet:

Happy shopping!
Anna a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by Your Shopping Kaki :)

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