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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Product Review: Isbrow Pink Lady Gloss Cream

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

That could have been the longest name for a cream ever reviewed so far - the Isbrow Pink Lady Gloss Cream =)

The Isbrow pencil is a multi function 'colorant' I must say. Basically, it helps to give a shade of freshness to parts applied - the cheeks, the lips and can also be applied to nipple areas (according to seller) =D

I am not a lipstick person personally. Somehow I feel that I look tacky after lipstick application, because of my thin upper lips and thick lower lips. Hence I always ended up having to go nude on the lips while being fully made up.

My almost invisible lips without any form of cosmetic colorant - DULL!!

  • Going nude is fine I suppose. But a hint of rosy freshness will never be too much rite! The Isbrow Cream comes in a brush form with a twisted end to push the cream to the applicator.
  • It works something like how a gloss tube would. The semi liquid cream is white in color (no way would I want to waste those precious cream spilling it on the hand!) but when applied on skin, it changes to a rosy shade =D Isn't that remarkable?
  • And the shade of rose pink is extremely natural, as if you have just sucked on cold ice cream which leave you with a freezing shade of pink =D

For those who are frequent users of liquid or cream blusher, you can also do so with Isbrow! Just that I am not very good in spreading it evenly, hence will not show in any picture ;)

After application of Isbrow on the lips. So natural rite!

I love how it turns out very naturally pink and does not looked like its purposely tinted ;) Head over to Supermodel's Secrets and read further on the product!

And if you are familar with the famous Carmex lip balm, I would also recommend to use the Carmex lip balm after application for that moisturising gloss. The layer of balm will also help to extend the life of the Isbrow cream on the lips.

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

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