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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Product Review: Doc Martens Boots

Dr Martens. It's one of those things any fashion lover will want. A good old-fashioned pair of Dr Martens boots.

I've always wanted a pair, and for years I searched for Doc Martens. It's really difficult to find them in Malaysia - and even when I find them, they aren't in my shoe size or it's not the colour/pattern I wanted. And it doesn't seem right to spend RM400 to RM500 - yes, Doc Martens boots are expensive! - on something that is anything other than what you want.

If this is the first time you're reading about Doc Martens, Dr Martens is a brand that is most famous for its footwear. The skinny is that they're very long-lasting and very durable boots. And most recently, their DM boots have been stomping their way into the the shoe closets of Hollywood A-listers and fashionistas all over the world. :D

Blake Lively. Taylor Momsen. Jessica Alba. Lindsay Lohan. Avril Lavigne. Dakota Fanning. Agyness Deyn.

So, I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when I found out Agape Boutique has brought boots inspired by Doc Martens to our Malaysian shores! XD Sure, it's not the real DM product, but it's a great pair of boots nonetheless - and it looks the same. Hehe!

Plus, it's only a fraction of the price at RM80 for a pair of DM-inspired boots. We're talking gorgeous genuine leather, heavy, solid boots that go with shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses and leggings. It's cool with all kinds of weather, all over the world, where ever you go. And it comes in so many pretty colours and patterns for us to choose from!

DM-inspired boots, available for RM80 per pair at Agape Boutique *here*

It's also available in two different heights. I got the shorter ones
because I was afraid the tall ones may be too warm for Malaysian weather :)

I know what you're thinking next - "Oh no, another catalogue picture! How do I know what the boots are going to look like when I receive them?"

No worries, shopping kaki! ;) I've done the worrying for you, and done the month-long pre-order wait too! With the boots safely in my hands, tried and tested - I can assure you that these boots are every bit as gorgeous as the photographs. :D Feast your eyes on these photos I took of the boots I received! :D

Matte black, size 39 for my 25cm feet. Perfect fit :D

Beautiful, right? :D These boots are also very comfy because of a lot of cushioning!
Pardon the wrongly-tied shoelaces, I was a bit blur when lacing them up :P

It's so worth it. You have to get a pair. :)
Just remember to get the right size -
for instructions on how to shop for shoes online,
please click HERE and read the article! :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Dupicalz said...

Wouldn't it be super hot and sweaty when wearing them?

I've been meaning to get a pair, but im contemplating and afraid that it'd be a sauna for my feet...

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Dupicalz! :D Hmm I think they would be only as hot as sneakers :) The temperature should be fine as long as you wear socks or tights :D

Hannah Afia said...

Just wondering, is the soles or any other part of the shoe consist of any 3-dotted skin aka pig skin?

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Hannah! :) Ah no worries! As far as I know, their boots aren't made of pig skin as that material would be too costly to be only RM80, hehe :) There are also no traces of the 3 dots. I'll ask Sarah of Agape Boutique to double check and comment here! :D

Agape Boutique said...

Hi Hannah,

Yes, as Sha-Lene said, our item are not made out of pig skin, you may refer to our post out about Pig Skin:


Nikki said...

I've been looking for this for quite some time until I found your site!
I clicked on the link to agape boutique just now but I cant seem to find the exact same pair I saw in your site..
I saw a similar one but with brown sole instead of a black one. If I order it, will it be the same as the ones in your site?

Anonymous said...

how can i get this boot ? i cant find it on agape boutique blog

Agape Boutique said...

Hi Anon,

This pair have sold out, winter is approaching factory might re-produce around end of Sept ~

MiraSiComot said...

how to buy this boots? I'm very interested!

Anonymous said...

In KL, you can get them from Pertama Complex, Campbell Shopping Complex.

New shoes aren't Made in England anymore. They are now Made in Thailand or China.

The Made in England shoes have imprints on the sole. Those without Made in England imprints are from China or Thailand. But don't worry. They are still authentic. It's just that they want to save on labour cost. Labour cost in the UK is expensive.

Mine is Made in England and I bought it few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi there.
May I please ask where are the authorized Dr Martens repair shop here in Malaysia?
Mine needs some repair on the heels ><
Thanks in advance =)

Anonymous said...

how is the sizing?Do we refer to our normal shoes size or take one more bigger?tq

Agape Boutique said...

Hi Mira,

You may log in to www.agapeboutique.com.my and log your order on the right corner.

The code is 1114, RM 80, size: 35-39.

Thank you.

Agape Boutique said...

Hi Anon 3,

You may refer here if you want to purchase from us :)

Normally we suggest to take one size bigger :)


hakim, said...

heyy, i cant seem the pitcha of this DM boots on AGAPEBOUTIQUE official blog. whos can help me yea? i love n really want to buy this.


Agape Boutique said...

Hi EykaZulaika,

This pair we still have, the one Shalene bought code number is 1114 Black - RM 80, what size you wearing ?

You may email us at agape.boutique@live.com

Anonymous said...

can i get this boots around rm100 at Campbell Complex?

Anonymous said...

can i get this boots around rm100 at Campbell Complex? pls urgent

Sha-Lene said...

Hi Anonymous, I'm afraid we don't have that information but you can call up Campbell Complex to ask. :)

Anonymous said...

hye. just wanna ask, where can i buy creeper shoes? under rm90

Anonymous said...

Is this boots still available at Agape? I really want this! :(

Agape Boutique said...


Yes we still have in pre-order but now our pre-order closed until 18 Feb dear :)

marie said...

Hello Agape Boutique,

Im also interested to order DM inspired boot from you. Pls assist me with details and proceedings. I really want it. Tq.

Agape Boutique said...

Hi Marie,

You can load your order here: http://agapeboutique.shoppy.my/ProductWeb.aspx?sq=2f52a061-c907-4607-a1c4-f23fc4f649bb

Maine Lyn said...

OH MY GOSH! I've been looking for DM boots for so long and I've finally found a place where I can actually AFFORD IT. I LOVE YOU <3 Thank you so much for blogging about it!!!! :D

nabilaidros said...

Do you sell wholesale ?

Agape Boutique said...

Yes dear, we do have wholesales, please email us at agape.boutique@live.com. Thank you

LyeSim Tai said...

Is this shoes round toe ?

LyeSim Tai said...

Is this shoes round toe ?

Agape Boutique said...

Hi LyeSim,

Yes dear, it is round toe ~

Anonymous said...

if i place order now ... when it will arrive at my door?

Nurulissa Faranajwa said...

Do u mind telling me what size suits me with my feet 25.5cm length and 11cm width? And do u hv plus size?

Agape Boutique said...

Hi Anonymous,

You can get it after 2-3 weeks :)

Agape Boutique said...

Hi Anonymous,

Normally takes 2-3 weeks to arrive your doorstep after you load order and made payment

Agape Boutique said...

Hi Nurulissa,

25.5cm is size 41 dear, you can direct load your order here:

While for normal size, you can load it here:

kayeiy said...

hey where can i find this shop? whats the name?

Chiew Nee said...

Is the quality good? =)

Anonymous said...

Size 40 ada?

Agape Boutique said...

Hi Kayeiy and Anonymous,

You may visit our official website directly at: http://www.agapeboutique.com.my/shop.html

Search for code 1114 will do.

. EMPUNYA TANAH . said...

i hope there have biggest size.
my size uk-8 :(

Anonymous said...

Made in ?

Anonymous said...

how much for reseller??and made in??

Agape Boutique said...

Dear @Empunya Tanah, we do have until size 43, which is around size 9 dear.

@Anonymous, this is made in cow leather

@Anonymous, as for reseller price please send in your request to: agapebtq@gmail.com

Sydney said...

Authentic dr martens are worth the price. They are super comfy and last really long. I guess it just isn't worth to invest in them in a hot country like Malaysia lol but a lot of bundle shops are selling secondhand dr martens

Anonymous said...

I know this post was really long ago but how comfortable are the shoes? Are they comfortable enough to be worn for long? I plan to wear them while travelling in the UK so will be walking quite alot. Also, are they water resistant or waterproof?

Sha-Lene said...

Hey Anonymous, I've asked Agape Boutique to comment a reply to your questions but I also wanted to add my two cents. In my opinion if you want to wear (new) shoes while travelling and walking a lot, you need to break them in and season them for at least a week or more before you wear them abroad. In my experience, all new shoes, no matter how comfortable they are, will usually create blisters etc when I wear them for the first few times. I would also recommend wearing thick socks with boots if you are walking a lot.

Lastly, I have different types of Doc Marten boots: the leather ones are not waterproof, but my rain boots are waterproof. They are like a plasticky type of material on the outside (but leather on the inside). So it depends on the type of boots! I would say Doc Martens are really water resistant unless you are sinking your shoes in inches of water and rain. Hope that helps!

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