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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Independent Fashion, Independence Day!

Happy 53rd Merdeka, shopping kaki! :D

Photo credits to The Star

Ten years ago, I used to stay up until midnight to wait for the fireworks - Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka! - and wake up at ungodly hours like 7am to watch the parade. Now, I stay up until 3am watching Sex and The City (just finished Season 5 :P) and then wake up at 2pm after all the parades are over ... and DBKL is sweeping the confetti off the stadium floor.

But despite growing into a rather unpatriotic young adult, it hardly means I don't love my country! ;) If you're anything like me, then you'll know what I mean when I say we show our love in different ways - like, shopping to help the country's economy! :D

Here are 8 stores to show our love through, on this very important day! ;)

From Posh Closet RM32 each (2 for RM60, 3 for RM84)
Smashingly sexy and fun! :D Patterned pantyhose for nights out on the town!
They've updated with a whole massive collection that you HAVE to check out. Stat.

From Vintage Packstocks RM120
Preloved, but definitely a bag to shower with even more love!
Leather on the outside, suede interior - bought for RM350+ and used only twice,
grab this now for less than half the original price! :D
Authentic Christian Dior floral handbag :)

From Phat Culture RM53
We've seen the striped maxi dress, but we haven't seen a laced striped maxi before!
Highly recommended for sizes 4 to 6 with a trim figure -
this'll be a great piece to accentuate that toned body! :D

From Fashion Urges RM54
Oooh, candy-coloured messenger bags (or handbags, if you prefer) for every colour of the week!
They've also updated with quite a collection of celeb-inspired handbags, so do look in-store ;)
YSK readers enjoy 50% discount off shipping for all Ready Stock items listed *here*! :D
Just say "I'm a Fashion Urges babe, thanks to YSK!" in the "Comments" section of your order :)

From Star Very Berry RM50 RM35 (free postage)
Closing down sale, aww! :( We're always sad to lose a good blogshop ...
But good news for shoppers is that everything in-store is now under RM38 including delivery!
Better quickly grab, grab, grab! ;) Like these harem-style floral pants, serious floral fun!

From Glorious Stuffs RM33
Now, this is totally the go-to blogshop for the most affordable vintage-style bags! :D
This one is a briefcase-esque bag that's suitable for both school and work.
Great opportunity to merge the best of both worlds: style and professionalism!

From Je'Taime Paris RM35 | RM40
Calling all size 6 shoppers with a great sense of style! :D
This pair of thick cotton lilac high waisted shorts are super cute, especially with that paperbag waist!
And have you seen this white lace corset? Love it!
It'll be a great outfit to accessorize with, too!

From ilovesnackfood RM45 | RM39
I think I'm getting a little hooked on bold statement necklaces these days,
and this brass one is so irresisitble - I had do something about it - either buy it or review it! :P
Ooh circular sunnies a.k.a. round sunglasses are making a comeback, and this pair here is so affordable!
Also click here to check out some mighty retro vanity cases to store your make-up in ;)

Have a good Merdeka, everyone ;)
And to our Muslim readers, Selamat Berpuasa! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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