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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8 Buys That Make You Giggle or Smile

If you're not a Twihard already smiling and/or giggling from the Robsten money shot, it's only fair that you get your very own personalised dish of smiles and giggles to survive the rest of this working week! ;D

Here are 8 buys that will surely turn any frown upside-down! :D

From Nothing Doodles RM8 per card
LOL! How can you not giggle at these cards?
They're so funny! Plus they're totally uncommon -
crafted by the wonderful people who brought you Blackmilkproject! ;)

From Cherry Junk RM15 per piece (including postage)
Golly gee, don't these look like a heap of fun? :D
Electric blue hair extensions! Very affordable!
Can be cut and altered to desired length too.

From MiniBites RM10 each
If I'm wearing a smileface cookie on my ring or an Oreo cookie keychain on my pencilcase,
I'll be sure to be grinning like a cheeseburger whenever I see it! :D

From Nothing Doodles RM8 each
Whoaa, these look so artsy and adorable at the same time! :)
I think they'd make great thank-you notes or BFF cards
or templates for love letters (*wink wink*).

From My Lip Stuff RM12 per tube
These five flavours are like on my must-try list! :D
The names are too cute. Seriously. Dog poop, cat pee, monkey fart, butt naked, sex on the beach!
What awesome gifts they make too! :P "Happy birthday... enjoy your Monkey Farts!"

From The Lollipop House RM19.90 (free postage)
Short handmade necklaces with a motivational bug!
Love it! :D Simple and yet a very nice accessory.

From Three Blind Mice Designs RM8 per card
Remember when we were kids, we used to make cards instead of buy them off the rack? :P
These handmade cards are so quirkily creative, they remind me of those times -
before e-cards and Facebook messages - when we used to make birthday cards by hand.
But if you have zero patience and draw like a chicken on crack,
luckily there are talented blogshop owners to come to your rescue :D

From Fashion Pringles
A quick plug for this pre-owned blogshop that has such good deals you'll definitely smile -
they've got some seriously good buys in-store!
Like GoJane shoes for RM70. And Carrie Bradshaw-inspired heels for RM60.
Steal! ;) And some gorgeous clothes as well.

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

Michael Lantz said...

I like the oreo cookie purse.I would like to get it for my niece,but her 1 year old might mistaken it for a real oreo and try to eat it.

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