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Friday, August 13, 2010

Product Review: The Datin Series Part 5 - The Lash Department


My journey to Datin-hood continues! ;)

The title says it all - today, I have some fiber-lashing mascara from Kawaii Store to add to every girls vanity list =D It's been such a hectic month due to work and more fashion shows, and I have not much option but to multi-task and get some reviews done while getting stuck in the city's traffic congestion session =D

Flamingo Mascara on the go!

When I got to know that I will be testing out a super lash lengthening mascara, I was of course thrilled! This genius invention of a brush with black coating should be reigned as the top 3 basic items every girl should have in their cosmetic bag. You can opt to be anti-colourful-eyeshadows, but not many girls can give life to their pair of eyes if this invention called MASCARA is non-existent! I know for sure I have no life with no mascara -_-

But of course you can also make do with fake eye lashes which is abundance out there. But there are situations that the presence of fake eye lashes may not be the best bet for certain situation. For instance, when you try to flutter your eyelashes (like Hello Kitty) in front of your hot date and your synthetic eye's windscreen decided to betray you by coming apart =P

Lash only | Lash with mascara | Lash with fake lashes ;)

I would like to assume that every working woman would at least have tried a dozen of masacara range before they finally find one that can further adds more oomph! to their eyes. For me, since I am in the working world and doing sales requires me to meet people, I definitely want all the attention diverted to me when I am talking. I need to convince people to buy what I sell, obviously! :P

Yeah, so I personally think mascara plays a very important role in making eye contact (not to flirt! but to convince people that I have good products). Generally, all of us know that mascara are invented to create fuller lashes. Then with more technology and R&D, it is now not only giving volume, but also lengthen, triple the volume compared to 10 years back, adds in more extra mileage than you can ever imagine and now they even have products you can apply in order to grow back more lashes =D

Among those that I have tried:
Kanebo Testimo | Kose | Silky Girl | Maybelline Lash Expansion | Maybelline XXL

Kawaii Store has brought in this particular mascara which I don't think is available at any local pharmacy shelf yet - Flamingo Mascara. I assume those flamingo birds are pretty vain and have vain eyes, hence the name given to this lash lengthening mascara ;)

It comes in 2 tubes- a tube of Transplanting Gel - which looked like our normal mascara in black. The other tube contains natural fiber, which appear to look like some fluffy cottony fiber. As I don't read Chinese, I am not able to tell you the type of fiber it is made of. But from my general knowledge derived from reading and also the fact that I know a bit more about fiber due to work (yes, we uses fabrics derived from natural fiber daily), it is generally derived from plants. Hence is safe for use ;)

The natural fiber which looks cottony

Instruction to use:
  • Firstly do not frown if you are dissapointed with your lashes =P
I wasn't frowning at my lashes =P

  • Like any other mascara, first, apply the transplanting gel coat which is the black coating.
  • Then proceed to layer with the fiber on top of the transplanting gel coat. You can coat the fiber on the tip or on the entire length of the lashes if you want to create more volume.
  • When it is coated on the tip, you actually are in the process of adding length. By coating the entire lashes with the fiber, you are actually adding both length and volume ;)
The fiber will not fly away far as the transplanting gel acts as an adhesive that binds the fiber
  • Once you have coated your desired amount of fiber, re-coat the transplanting gel on top of the white fluffy fiber.
  • By now you can see that the white fluff is turning black as the transplanting gel is black in color.
  • Still crave for more length? Simply repeat the entire process!
After a coat of the fiber only!

This is done on another day - with 2 coating of fiber ;)

There you go! Another shot of the super long lashes!
Well, maybe not THAT long but it's sure longer than before =P

My Verdict:
  • It did not mention if it is a waterproof mascara, but so far, it did a very good job and did not smudge after more than 12 hours of application.
  • It is also easily removed! While most of the mascara may take you a while to soften up with make up remover, this is easily removed. While I tend to have some stray lashes falling off during make up removing stage, amazingly my lashes are intact this time round. Yay! I practically saved a lash a day =P
  • Basically, I would deduce that it is not too harsh on the lashes. And if you readers realised, it does not really appear clumpy and makes the lashes appear like dried tree twigs. It is actually quite soft and natural looking ;)

I hope you are now convinced why you should be getting a set of it too ;) Head on to Kawaii Store and get your now before it runs out of stock! Or waste no time and click HERE to get directly to the page ;)

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

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