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Friday, August 13, 2010

Event Review: MOFEW

Hi shopping kaki! :D What're your plans for this weekend? If you've got a couple of hours to spare, I'd definitely recommend you to check out MOFEW - it's a bazaar-turned-event that's taking place in Midvalley! :) Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 13th to 15th August only!

I went there today after classes, and WOW it really was an awesome place to shop! Close to a hundred vendors, sooo many clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, trinkets, belts, cupcakes, cookies, beauty products and skincare! :D Everything you've seen online, you can see in MOFEW. And so much MORE too!

Also don't forget to register when you get there, because you get a goodie bag, hehe! Freebies from DiGi, Wolverine, Strip (waxing), KFC, Celebrity Fitness and more - plus a MOFEW booklet that includes a floor map and quick tidbits of info about each vendor :D

Aaaand there are fitting rooms! Big, roomy, spacious fitting rooms with full-length mirrors! About half a dozen of them, and no, the queues are not painfully long! :D

Okay enough talking, I'll let some photos do the talking! :D I'd like to publish this asap so that you have a chance to see what's at MOFEW (in case you were on the fence: "To go or not to go" :P). Bring lots of cash and go! :D (There are also plenty of ATMs and banks in Midvalley and Gardens should you run out :P)

Nice? :D Uber omega event of a shopping bazaar!
Click HERE for a full list of participating vendors
(every blogshop is hyperlinked so you can just click on it).

Please drop a comment if you were at MOFEW too! :)
And if you haven't yet, leave a note after you've went:
what did you think of the bazaar?

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


. said...

i was at the bazaar yesterday too. did quite alot of damage T_T but it was good, very well organized. totally agree about the fitting rooms btw :P

nn said...

i was there! and i saw u but i was kind of star-struck. im too shy to say hi. -__-

love it there because now i know the material of the clothes/bags that are sold at the participating blogshops. and we can try it on and stuff ++ there's a lot of promotions!!

definitely a must go event for online shoppers :)

♥ne.l♥ve.c♥ttage said...

hi Sha-Lene! (:

I was there too. Hee hee.Totally agree with you, it was an awesome event! Can't wait to go for more future event like this! ♥

Sha-Lene said...

Thanks for the comments! :D
nn - aww I wish you had said hi!! :D I would've really really liked to meet you and any readers :) :) Lol "starstruck"?! Why?? *shy*

lulu said...

i was there on fri

its great to be able to try on before buying ,
so dont end up paying a lot for sth that dont look nice on me :)

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