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Friday, August 6, 2010

8 Names To Splurge On!

After the 19808948293th time watching The Devil Wears Prada, perhaps it's time I write a review on some designer names that you can splurge on - online! :D

But I guess some of you wonder if you can trust the online sellers -
for starters, are these bags authentic?
Well, while I can't promise you that ALL designer bags sold online are authentic
(after all, we know there are scammers everywhere - online and offline),
here are eight established online stores that sell designer bags :D

From The Shopaholics Bar RM4000+ | RM11000+
Louis Vuitton, anyone? :D Pick any bags from the LV website -
and purchase it via The Shopaholics Bar for 20-30% cheaper than the usual retail price!
Louis Vuitton designs are totally classy and yet Not Boring, so I reckon if you're
ready to plonk a few thou on a designer bag, LV's a really great way to go ;)
Their LV spree ends 22nd August - so hurry! :D Stocks arrive in mid-September.
Also - very, very cute and unique Longchamp designs in-store - check it out here!

From Much More In Hand RM1495 (including shipping)
A Coach convertible bag! :D Full leather and in gorgeous black!
It's pretty clear from the pictures that Mrs Tom Cruise adores this bag -
and I can see why! :) It's large enough for plenty of storage room,
yet it doesn't look frumpy or oversized.
This one's a winner for a practical designer bag!

From Gorgeous by Sha Shaari RM5000
There's no Chanel like a red Chanel! :D Authentic, quilted, chained -
everything you love about Chanel, it's here in this stunning red bag! :)
Note that this one here is a second-hand one (which means bigger savings for you) -
but it looks like it's in pretty mint condition :)

From CoachnMuchMore RM955 | RM975 (prices including delivery)
Why hello, Kate Spade! :D
These bags are on a pretty good sale - the bill's under 1K,
and the bags are no less prettier! :P
I like the sold colours and hobo designs -
very easy to match virtually every outfit :)
Truly an investment piece!

From Elegant Poise RM350 (used) | RM6300
Is it just me or are these pink muted tones totally demure and appealing?
Take your pick - a very lightly used GUESS bowler on the left,
or a classic Chanel flap bag on the right? :D
In a very interesting hue, too - bound to be less common than other colours!

From Brought To You With L.O.V.E RM930
Or perhaps the online shopping world can interest you in a Cole Haan bag? ;)
Metal rings, that chestnut tone of this earthy shade,
understated yet striking hobo - nice! :D
Can you picture yourself toting this to your Raya visits? ;)

From Luxury Boutique RM1970 | RM1880
Here we go round the Burberry bush, Burberry bush, Burberry bush! :P
Burberry tote bags sure are one of a kind! Coated canvas, leather/patent leather trim -
the Burberry design has such a strong signature look,
these will have Burberry fans swooning for sure! :D

From I Want Bags RM980
Do you like these? Because I LOVE them! :) :) :)
Sigh! I'm not usually an ogler of Coach bags (more of a Marc Jacobs stalker) -
but this particular design and material (premium gently polished leather, wahh!)
has left me WANTING. Heeee.

Do you have any personal online shopping stories
to share about purchasing designer bags online?
We'd love to hear them! :D Leave a comment below!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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