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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fashion Lifesaver: Emergency Shoes

While the boys are bleary-eyed watching footie,
the girls are shopping in their footsies!

When I spotted this on ILuvBag Inc., I gasped out loud and
proceeded to order myself a pair of these footsie rolls in the versatile black! :D

But wait, wait, wait - let's take a couple of paces back -
what in the world is a footsie roll, you ask? :D

Basically, they are legendary shoes.
Rollable, feet-loving shoes that are designed for two Cs -
comfort and convenience. :)

The scenario I'm about to picture for you:
You've bought a pair of gorgeous, luxurious shoes that have five-inch heels
but you think to yourself, "It's sooo worth it!" because it goes with your dress and
will totally glam the whole room up! :D
But halfway through the night/day of partying/dinner/shopping -
your gorgeous shoes start to kill you. Literally.

So what're you supposed to do, right?
Stop buying heels forever? Wear ugly "comfortable" shoes out? No way!
Gorgeous shoes are so necessary! :P We can't live without them!
Solution: Change into your FOOTSIE ROLLS when your feet hurt! *cue Hallelujah chorus*

Thank goodness they're available in Malaysia now,
thanks to ILuvBag Inc! :D

Every purchase of Footsie Rolls also includes a reusable box and reusable bags. Yay!

The price?
Only RM50 including shipping!
For 2 pairs or more, it's only RM45 per pair :)

Sooo many eclectic colours to choose from! :D
But I'm buying one in black because it's the easiest colour to match whatever I'm wearing :)

Pre-order closes 14th July. Hurry! :D
Estimated date of arrival to Malaysia is around 21st July -
taking into consideration any glitches, you should be able to get your shoes
before the end of this month! :D

Click HERE to buy! :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

Hauz of Treasures said...

hi there. We at Hauz of Treasures also offer this latest HOT Fashion saver - Footsie Roll..all for the same price at RM50 per pair!

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