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Monday, July 26, 2010

Guest Blogger: A Love Affair With Shoes

A Love Affair With Pre-Order Shoes
By Anna (Guest Blogger)

The topic of today would be that which is adored and glorified by women all over the world – of every race, age, social status, and nationality. It has become both a source of pride to the wearer and curse to the wallet. It is a cause of envy to those who don’t have latest of it, and is something Lady Gaga recently tumbled in (read story here ).

Don’t know the answer yet?
Here’s a hint: Alexander Mcqueen & Jimmy Choo.
That’s right, SHOES.

No matter how much we girls deny it, deep down inside, we know what effect shoes have on us. They’re charming, irresistible, and we can never have enough of ‘em!

In an episode of Boys Over Flowers (yes, I’m one of those sappy Korean-drama-crazed type), there was a scene in which the famous model gave the female lead a pair of gorgeous heels, and told her this: “The most important things for a woman are shoes. They bring her to places.”

Boys Over Flowers (And yes, I think Lee Min Ho (centre) is uber hot!)

Needless to say, it brought me (literally) to my first bazaar at 3K Inn, and then to online shopping; expanding my then tiny circle of ‘blogshop-options-I-dare-shop-at’ from those only owned by friends to include those also run by complete strangers (I know, everyone does that now, but it was a big thing for me then okay... *smiles*), and it brought shoe-loving-little-me to Agape Boutique.

How about some leopard prints in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup in Africa? - RM52

As Sha-Lene has recently pointed out, a concern all of us would have when it comes to purchasing shoes online (or any other apparel, for that matter) is whether it fits, all the more since shoes tend to be a *little bit* pricier than clothes. It’s very heartbreaking to fork out so much money on those pair of lovelies only to find that your feet can’t fit into them, or that you might end up looking like a little girl walking around in her mummy’s heels. Then you might start scolding your feet for being too big or small, and then you become suicidal. Or maybe not.

Point being, sizing is a big issue and is probably the only thing preventing us from buying those gorgeous shoes. And when it comes to pre-order shoes, an extra element of concern comes into the picture pertaining to whether the product actually resembles the pictures provided. So, here is attempt two at quenching any remaining doubts and fears about purchasing shoes online, particularly those from pre-order, with this product review. (Can I hear a ‘Hallelujah’?)

I’ve been ogling over several pairs of heels from Agape Boutique, these being some of them:

Futuristic, no? - RM53 | Hellooo there cutie! - RM39

Love the array of colours available - RM50 | To-die-for wedges! *gasps & faints* - RM52

Something out of a Korean film, perhaps? - RM45

I too was afraid that the sizing would be a problem, so I decided to take a risk and purchase just one pair of shoes (along with several other clothes) just to experiment with the sizing. If it fits, then I know I’ve the assurance that sizing most probably wouldn't be a problem when I decide to buy the next bulk of shoes! I followed the sizing chart as found here and found that I was a size 37 (I'm a Vincci 6), and bought this:

And this is what I got in the mail:

YESSS!!!! Awesome right? It turned out to be practically the same as the picture, and I love it!!

More pictures for you to feast your eyes on. What do you think? ;)

The first time I wore it out to uni, I received several compliments on how cute the shoes were! You can imagine what a proud owner of these shoes I was that day! They fit extremely well when ordered according to the measurements given in the size chart, hence it’s imperative that you measure your foot accurately according to the instructions given and compare it against the size chart to determine your shoe size. If still unsure, Sarah (the owner of Agape Boutique) is always more than willing to be of assistance. (Good job, Sarah! *two thumbs up*)

However, there’s just one *teeny-weeny* little defect that actually took me a while to notice. Have you spotted it yet? Maybe it’s not so obvious from the pictures above. How about this:

Now have you spotted it yet?

*Slight* imperfections are in the second picture.

The outer strap of the left shoe (picture on the right) was just *slightly* angular, as compared to the right shoe (picture on the left). But in my opinion, it is so negligible for the price paid, and considering how no one who saw me wearing those wedges that day noticed it, I say it’s completely forgivable and completely worth the money *winks* :)

While I’ve only ordered a pair of shoes (thus far) from Agape Boutique, from my single pre-order experience of boots from another source, boots (especially those without zippers to zip up from the ankle) tend to have a smaller cutting, and thus would require you to go about 2 sizes up to comfortably wear it. Do check with the seller.

Don't forget these if you're heading to a chilly country! - RM69

Besides, one cannot ignore the fact that Agape Boutique having a Mega Sales Pre-Order for shoes! While they take longer to arrive (1 month) compared to the usual pre-order (2 weeks), the perks are So . Worth . It. You'll get a discount of RM10 for every pair that you purchase!! So what are you waiting for??

Flaunting it for the last time *smiles*

Fun fact: Did you know that "Agape love" (pronounced a-ga-pē, in Greek) means "selfless love of one person for another"?

Happy Shopping!
Anna a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)


Anonymous said...

Hello. You should put some links in your review yeah so that readers can click on them directly rather than searching the whole blog for the boutique. ;)

Sha-Lene said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for your input :) I don't know how I missed it when editing this post, thought the blue "Agape Boutique" words were hyperlinked, hehe. I shall edit this now :)

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Edited! :)

hazel darwisya said...

i got that in blue last year..bought online but i think its more expensive..huhu

Michael Lantz said...

When I look at the photo on RM52 I think of the 1970's.If you were around in the 1970's the clogs were a trend.I remeber my cousins used to wear clogs back in the 1970's.I think the 1970s will be making a comeback.

Anna said...

Hey :)

Thanks so much for the feedback and comments. It's very encouraging :)

Just a note, I've edited the information on the Mega Sales Pre-Order as the promotion has been altered just a little since the time I last purchased from Agape Boutique. Hope the misinformation hasn't caused anyone any problems/hardships :)

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