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Monday, June 28, 2010

8 Whims for Fun-Loving Shopping!

Girls just love to have fun! :D
Just in case you're stuck at home struggling to recover from sunstroke (flu & sore throat)
(the price I'm paying for overheating at Urbanscapes, plus a sunburn!) -
it's so essential to see fun stuff in the online shopping community! ;)

From MiniBites RM8 | RM8
Wear your favourite food on your ears! Yummy!
And I still can't get over how it looks so REAL! o.O

From Rainbow Melon RM55
If you're anything like Your Shopping Kaki, there's nothing more glorious
than being decked head to toe in floral prints! :D
This comfy cotton jumpsuit nicely does the trick with small, subtle florals.

From Bare Hangers RM20
Here's a cropped denim bustier for petites, complete with boning and vintage buttons!
Those suspender straps remind me sooo much of Larry King! LOL!
A must-buy for petites! :D Hehehe!

From Queen La Moss RM39 | RM55
Fun, flirty and colourful apparel - imported from Korea!
Will be sure to cheer up any dreary day and colour up the room!

From Forever Fashionate RM59
Oooh, boxy vintage-inspired bag - this time in milkshake white! :D
Very preppy, very perky, very cutesy - I'm loving how it goes with the model's outfit!

Ankle boots and shoelaces being my latest footwear obsession,
thus I was wailing "Whyyyy is this sold out in my size?!" :(
Gorgeous pair, top-notch quality, directly imported from South Korean webstores.
Stay tuned for a very thorough product review on Korean Fashion Station soon! :D Love them!

From ilovesnackfood RM15 each (RM25 for 2)
Vintage Sailormoon pendants all the way from Tokyo, Japan! :D
This brings back the fondest childhood memories ... I used to be such a big Sailormoon fan!
I even created spin-off "Sailormoon" comics that were probably read only by my mum, LOL!
But anyway! :P These pendants are deliciously affordable too ;)

From Nail Galore RM29-RM49 for trial packs
OPI nail polish, anyone? :D Nothing says fun like swashes of colours on your nails!
These mini-bottles of 2ml nail polish are prolly just what we need for a lot of colours,
... and at a fraction of the price! ;) I personally love the yellow! Hehe!

Spotted anymore fun-loving goodies online? :D
What's your idea of a fun-loving outfit or accessory?
Leave a comment below to share!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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