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Saturday, July 31, 2010

8 Ways to WOW someone!

So I was up until the wee hours of this morning watching "Casablanca", and I'm feeling like a romantic today! :D

It's probably pretty hard these days to pull an Ingrid Bergman, enter a room and hold its gaze - have all eyes on you and you alone! But you can probably come close to doing that if you wear the right stuff and embrace your beauty - be it curves, confidence, toned physique, or something else altogether! ;D

So here are 8 ways to WOW someone in the 21st century! ;)
(Although if you already have a significant other to wow, you could always consider lingerie :P)

From Miss Aslyn's Wardrobe RM40 | RM45
Our favourite brands, at a fraction of the prices!
A silvery-grey Supre tank dress or an Oriental corset, complete with boning, from Krisp, UK?
Take your pick in forming your ensemble to flaunt your best assets! ;)
And best of all - all prices including postage! :)

From Chiqs RM40
Ooooooh! Tie-dye, electic-pop scarflike asymmetrical vests!
If these don't POP in a room, I honest to goodness wouldn't know what does :P

From Yellow Cab Trappings RM40
Here's an understated way to blow someone away! :D
Show off that sexy back with this backless leotard from Supre, Australia :)

From Mizu Closet RM45
Can can hats! :D Does this not remind you of those good ol' childhood days,
when we potter around on the beach with upturned buckets on our heads and squeaky shoes?
Well, Kim looks great in these - so maybe you can check it out too! :D

From Top Hauz RM70
Well, well, well. Here's an interesting take on the onesie phenomenon! :)
A Japanese floral jumper - authentic from Jap brand Page Boy -
this'll have heads turning your way in no time! :D
Personally loving the carefree breeziness of the cut and floral prints!

From Miss Aslyn's Wardrobe Bustier RM40 | Denim skirt RM25 | Bodycon skirt RM40
All prices including postage! :)
What will it be, what will it be?
So many exceptionally good deals, I have trouble deciding which to even review!
A Sportsgirl coral pink bustier top? A high-waisted denim skirt from Hong Kong?
Or will it be a soft purple panel bodycon skirt from Dunnes, UK? :D (A Topshop equivalent)
Plenty more goodies in-store!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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