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Friday, July 2, 2010

Product Review: Does size really matter?

When it comes to the size of perfumes you carry along with you,
YEAH it does! :D

Time to share with you a wonderful blogshop I came across recently,
A very well-known and established online seller of 100% authentic perfumes! :)

All your favourite brands and the latest perfumes in one website ...

Here's the thing about perfumes - a beautiful outfit on your beautifully made-up self
is further enhanced by beautiful scents - which is where perfumes come in :)
But they're kinda expensive in perfume counters - we're talking hundreds of ringgit -
and with, say, RM200, you can only buy one bottle.

What if you get bored of the scent?
What if different scents are better suited for different occasions?
Or maybe you're okay with just one bottle - but how do you know which to splurge on?
Do you want to be able to bring your perfume out with you, in your bag, to freshen up
- without having to take the entire bottle with you?

Don't you wish, with RM100, you can have 10 different scents to use again and again?
Don't you wish, with RM10, you could try a scent - so that if you don't like it - you'll have spent only RM10? :)
Don't you wish your could give the gift of heavenly scents to your mum/sister/best friends/boyfriend
without having to scorch a hole in your Maybank accounts? :P

The shopping deities have heard your prayers ...
Miniature perfumes and vials to the rescue! :D
All thanks to PerfumeBerry!

Soooooooo many different vials (pictured above) and miniature perfumes to choose from!
Vials are only RM10 each - and miniatures are about RM20-RM50! :)
Super affordable, right? :D
Authentic perfumes, beautiful scents, happy shoppers!

Imagine how thrilled I was to be able to buy these as gifts for my mum! :)
Actual photos below taken by me:

Miniatures: Euphoria by Calvin Klein EDP (15ml) | Vera Wang Parfum (4 ml)
Vials: Nina by Nina Ricci | Sunkissed Glow by JLo | Gucci by Gucci EDP | Chloe Intense EDP

The packaging by PerfumeBerry was excellent - every perfume bottle was carefully bubble-wrapped in individual packages, and the vials were bubble-wrapped together. Delivery, service and packaging at PerfumeBerry was impeccably professional.

It's very important for perfumes and other fragile items to be packaged and bubble-wrapped properly, because otherwise spillages or the rocky PosLaju rides will be sure to damage the items. Thanks to PerfumeBerry's carefulness, these perfumes arrived in perfect condition! :D No wonder they are such an established blogshop - I will definitely return to buy more perfume from them in future! :)

This is actually my first time shopping for perfumes online - I used to think that it was nearly impossible to buy genuine perfumes online, but PerfumeBerry's perfumes has definitely convinced me otherwise! They're definitely genuine, because when you use fake perfumes, the scent doesn't last as long as it's supposed to. These fantastical perfumes I got from PerfumeBerry are 100% authentic - you have my personal assurance and their money-back guarantee! :D

However, be warned that while this particular blog sells authentic perfumes, there are some blogshops out there selling fake ones - so do be careful ya! *Click here for tips on how to spot fake perfumes*

The miniature bottles say "Sample: Not for sale" - part evidence that they're authentic, hehe!

Quick tip for shopping for perfumes
Parfum: The strongest, the most long-lasting, the highest quality
Eau de parfum (EDP): Not as long-lasting as parfum, but still quite powerful
Eau de toilette (EDT): Not as long-lasting as Parfum and EDP, but usually cheaper :)

With that said, enjoy yourself at PerfumeBerry! ;)
I especially love the fact that you can get many different scents on a small budget!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


bea said...

Im a big fan of parfum also. But Im getting sick of the price. Im so glad if i can get miniature bottle each of them ..do u knw wher should i lokk for those sample

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Bea! :) PerfumeBerry sells those samples, hehe!

Just visit: http://perfumeberry.blogspot.com

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