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Friday, July 30, 2010

8 Bargains To Add To Your Wardrobe

I spotted these 8 items and just couldn't resist a review! :P

From De Clique Boutique RM58 RM48 | RM56 RM46
Hard rock, candy-coloured bags on SALE! :D
A touch of vintage design, the comfort of messenger slings,
and the reliable structure of corporate chic briefcases.
So value for money! :)

Floral toga tops - ready stock! :D
These are promotional items (hence the lovely pricing) -
so hurry up and grab 'em before they're sold out!
This blogshop is also having a Stock Clearance sale - look in-store for more info!

From Little Angel Shoppe RM39 | RM39
Why, aren't these dresses just the cotton-candy sweetest?
This is actually one of my go-to blogshops for affordable market prices,
so although RM39 isn't as cheap as their usual (which is RM25-30),
I trust their pricing so it probably means higher quality and higher cost :D

From Trades RM50 (including postage) | From Trades RM25
More second-hand goodies that have never been used! :)
We call 'em pre-owned, not pre-loved, because they haven't been "loved" yet! :P
The tapered denim jeans are originally from Pumpkin,
and the heart-speckled pantyhose originally from The Black Apple -
both intensely popular online stores! ;)

From Trades RM90 including delivery
High-waisted overalls with long, pleated pants! Nice! :D
Originally RM89 (excluding delivery) from Trendy Confessions,
and now RM90 (including Pos Laju) from Trades :)
That's about RM5 saved - so if you missed your chance earlier -
since Trendy Confessions only stocked four of these gorgeous babies,
this is your second chance calling your name! ;D
Fits sizes UK10 and up.

From Maxi Lovers Guide RM25-RM40
I hope you've been stocking your wardrobe for Maxi Dress Day! :D
(7th January every year, in case any of you forgot, hehe!)
This blogshop is having a big clearance sale for over a dozen maxi dresses -
it's their Closing Down Sale, so everything must go! :)

Have you spotted any bargains online? :D
Do share by leaving a comment below! :)

E.g. Floral dresses and vintage clothes at bargain prices at karang guni pang!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

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