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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Product Review: What's the hype about BB Cream?

Welcome to the era of the BB Cream! :D

Most of us have heard of it, more of us are using it now than ever before - and now, you want to buy it! :D That's why you're reading this, after all ;) So here's a product review on three common BB cream that are available in the local online shopping community :)


What is BB cream?
It stands for "Blemish Balm" - it's basically a make-up foundation that looks very natural. In fact, it looks like you're not wearing any make-up at all - but in a flawless, effortless kinda way :D Most BB cream have UV protection, moisturizing and skin-healing properties.

Is online BB cream authentic?
The short answer: Yes, and no!
The long answer: "No" because there are always plenty of imitation and fake products available on the Internet, but "Yes" because there's a lot of real stuff too! :) Don't worry, there are those selling authentic BB cream online. Of course, everything reviewed in this product review has the personal assurance of the sellers - they have stated that they're made in Korea but the distributors are in Taiwan.

I don't have physical or documented evidence for Skin79 or Lohashill BB Creams, so I'll be taking their word for it :)

YSK: Styles4u.net takes a firm stand against fake BB cream. Can you reassure our readers that yours are genuine, non-fake products - and how can you prove it?
Pei See (Styles4u): First, use the things I sell! There are almost 30 types of BB cream available and I have tried out 20 types already. Second, buy at local cosmetic counters and compare it with my own products. Third, source the products from official sites!

Compare it to a definite original?
The one product I can probably vouch for is the Missha one. I'm quite convinced that Styles4u.net is selling authentic BB cream because I compared it with the BB cream I bought from Missha counters in Korea. Below are photos so that you can compare, too! :) The larger 50ml bottle is the one I bought from South Korea, whereas the smaller 30ml bottle is from Styles4u.net :)

BB Cream 1: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

From: Styles4u
Price: 50ml = RM55 | 30ml = RM40 | Sample = RM1.50

Between the 50ml and the 30ml one, I would definitely recommend the 50ml one. First, it's more worth it - if you like a BB cream, you're going to use it a lot. Second, it's harder and more inconvenient to use the tube compared to the bottle. :D The samples are even harder to use because the average BB cream user doesn't need the entire packet in one use - unless your skin needs it - so you have to take care not to squeeze too much out, and then take care to keep it safely for the next day.

This is the smoothest, most moisturizing BB cream I've ever tried. Totally my favourite, and I've been using this for the past 6 months (since I found out such a glorious thing existed). It literally just glides on your skin. Easily covers the usual spots, blackheads or freckles. I use the darker shade of #23 (natural) - only use the fairer shade of #21 (fair) if your skin is the colour of Edward Cullen's :P The #23 shade does not make me look unnaturally fairer, unlike #21 which makes me look like a Chinese vampire :/

Smells rather fragrant, a little sweet and floral. Love it :)

The whole day. It gives off a healthy, glowing look for at least 5 hours - but if you sweat too much then it'll get a little oily. Best used with compact powder. If you stay in air-conditioned places the whole day, then it's fine :P

Before & After Pictures
Ignore the fact that I look like I just woke up, and the crappy angles. Just observe how it covers all spots :) Make-up such as eyeliner and blusher glides easily on this BB cream (which essentially works as a foundation) - although it'd be best to use waterproof make-up, otherwise it will run after a few hours.

BB Cream 2: SKIN79 BB Cream (Oriental Gold)
From: Styles4u
Price: 40g (bottle) = RM68 | Sample (bottle + shimmering) = RM3

I can't tell from the samples how the bottle works, but it can't be bad :P However, only the bottle version is available at Styles4u - the built-in brush one isn't. So I'll just be reviewing the bottle one since that's the one available full-size :)

This is not as smooth as the Missha one, it feels very slightly thicker and doesn't "glide" on as easily. I imagine it would be suitable for people with larger pores to cover. Combined with the scent (see below), you will be aware that you're wearing make-up :) But this SKIN79 Oriental Gold Bottle one has a great colour, a creamy ability to blend in with any skin tone - there's only shade available, so this is a safer bet for those with darker skin tones.

It smells great, but it has a very cosmetic scent - it smells like my mum's make-up drawer... so if you're curious to know how this BB cream smells like, take a whiff in your make-up drawer too! :D

My face looked rather oily by the afternoon, so I didn't like this as much as my usual (Missha) BB cream :( This should suit people with dry or normal skin (without oily T-zones). But if you do have slightly oily skin and want to use this BB cream, don't use it for long hours - either touch up your make-up every 2-3 hours, or remove it at mid-day and start over :)

I felt that make-up runs more on this (or maybe my tear ducts were acting up that day!). Makes a good foundation (as all BB cream do). Covers imperfections as well as Missha BB cream :)

BB Cream 3: Lohashill BB Cream
Price: Essential (50ml) = RM55 | Rose Sun (50ml) = RM60 | Rose Sun (Pink) (60ml) = RM68

Now, this one has a very convenient sample size! :D A little bottle of the Essential (one type of three available on Darcy and Jones) was sent to me, and it has more than enough for testing. I don't know, however, what the full-size bottle looks like - so you should definitely ask if you're buying :D Probably looks like this: *click*

This is not the smoothest (again not "gliding") BB cream I've tested, but it has a very porcelain effect. I reckon it should be thick enough to cover larger pores for those of you who're looking for that "cement filler" effect :D However, this is rather whitening - I had to be careful in applying this so that I wouldn't have two tones on my face (haha). Lohashill BB cream are supposed to suit all skin tones - from tan to fair, so I suppose it will lighten whichever skin tone you have. When done properly, you'll look like a porcelain doll from afar! :)

This one is a herbal BB cream, so it does smell like herbs. There's no fragrance added like other BB creams. The strong scent was a bit too much for me, but it was nothing that a couple of good puffs of perfume couldn't cover :P The scent wears off after an hour or so. But there's a plus point - read what Darcy and Jones has to say:
Certain customers are also glad that no fragrance are added as some people are sensitive to the chemicals used for fragrance and it is more natural that way. :)

Oh, yes, very lasting! My face didn't get oily at all - eventhough I had out all day from 9am to 7pm! This was a pretty amazing feat. :D I'm not sure if this is a universal effect (seems too good to be true, LOL) but it is unbeatable in ... oil resistance :P

Which of the 3 types of LOHASHILL BB CREAM is best for you?
  • Essential: Suitable for young adults, most basic BB Cream.
  • Rose Sun: Suitable for young adults, contains SPF. Rose, Lavender, Chamomile and Arbutin added.
  • Pink Rose Sun: Suitable for mature skin, contains repair essence, anti-wrinkle.

A quick note of advice from Pei See, the owner of Styles4u
YSK: How should someone decide which BB cream they should buy? There are so many choices!
Pei See: Many people always ask me which one is the best selling BB cream. I personally think that, bestselling may not be the best BB cream for you. Normally, I'll suggest customer to try a few samples first before going for a full original pack to avoid wasting.

First, choose a BB cream suitable for your skin type(dry, normal, combination or oily).
Second, you can compare the coverage, sun block protection, fragrance, shade, etc.

SKIN79 - Coverage is normal and is improving on newest range, easy to apply, light fragrance, general shade.
MISSHA - Coverage is normal to good, light fragrance, available in few shades.
SHILLS - Coverage is normal to good, light fragrance, general shade.

Here's hoping that this product review has helped at least one reader out there! :)
If you have any opinions, questions or stories to share about BB cream -
especially types that have not been reviewed in this post, or your personal experiences,
please leave a comment below! :D We would really appreciate it :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


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Peep Boutique said...

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