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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Jumpsuit Trend: From Petites to Plus Sizes

Jumpsuits. Playsuits. Rompers.
They're so wonderfully different from our usual dresses and tops, it's definitely a trend to try! :)

Don't let size be a barrier to what sort of fashion you want to try! :)

Photo credits to ASOS

One of the most established plus-size blogshops in the online shopping community,
Jessabella's Plus Size Stealz sells a lot of jumpsuits - which is really cool,
because they fit petites to plus-sizes! :D

For further evidence that these jumpsuits fit all sizes - from petites to plus sizes - below are
photographs of the same jumpsuits on my petite friend and the plus-sized yours truly :D
Plus pictures of Jessica modelling the jumpsuits because I love how she accessorizes them!

The Worries
Are you wondering, "Will I look fat?" "Will jumpsuits make me look shorter?" "What if it doesn't fit me?" "How do I pee?"
Not having the slim, model-esque figure that will look good in everything I wear, I have to admit, jumpsuits are not usually the sort of thing I'd dare to try. And I guess, some of you reading this may have the same fear - a lot of us worry about the same things after all - so I thought, it'd be great if I could give you a write-up that could supply you with the information you need - so that you can decide for yourself if you'd like to give jumpsuits a try! :D

Price range
Jumpsuits online usually range from RM30 to RM70, depending on the quality, source, cost, material, and a range of other factors that affect pricing. But rest assured that they're really quite affordable online for you to try! :D For example, all the jumpsuits at Jessabella's Plus Size Stealz are only RM30 - RM40. Affordable, right? ;) And there are a lot more styles available in-store than just the ones featured in this product review!

Picking the right jumpsuit for you
There are actually many different types of jumpsuits available in the online shopping world right now - and not all of them are suitable for all body types - so here's a run-down on some of the most common types! :D
Type 1: The baggy, oversized harem jumpsuit
Fits all sizes, hides all flaws! :D Looks like a maxi dress, right until you reach the ankles - hehe! Ridiculously easy to wear (literally just pull it up) and insanely comfortable. You instantly feel like frolicking around in the pools of fabric, hahahaha. Vibrant, leafy prints jazz up your entire being with a spout of fun! Love this! :) Perfect for those who are just starting to warm up to the jumpsuit trend, because it's not such a huge transition from dress to jumpsuit.
Goes well with: a slouchy cardigan and flats. Pile on the bangles, loopy earrings or chunky ethnic-centric jewellery.

Type 2: The ruffled tube jumpsuit with drop-crotch harem pants
You've probably seen this jumpsuit on your local ASTRO channels, with the "IWearSin" advertisements playing over and over again :P The slim models look gorgeous in this but admittedly, this is too short for me to wear as a full-length jumpsuit. Best suits girls in the vicinity of perhaps 163cm and below :) Of course, you can also wear this as knee-length or three-quarter pants, but that's usually if you have toned calves to show off, hehe! With my taufoofah wobbly bits, I'd wear this to the ankles - perhaps with a cardigan that I'll button around the hips. For Mechell and Jess, the length is great - and Jess actually wore this to her office with a boyfriend blazer, chunky silver accessories and funky gladiator heels! :D Sounds super fun!

Type 3: The floral playsuit
Naturally, this is my personal favourite! :D A smattering of floral prints all over the playsuit (or "romper"), giving off a childlike breeziness that is totally comfy and kitschy. I actually forgot to tell Mechell to wear it as a ruffled collar playsuit - so it looks too long for her. Sorry! It actually is meant for all sizes, and can be worn three ways - ruffled collar, toga, or as a ruffled tube. Easily worn with a blazer or long cardigan or jacket! Personally, I think the short playsuit/romper is actually the easiest to wear. Look out for some style ideas later in this blog post!

The pics in the bottom row belong to Cynthia (UK12 at 164cm) and Lydia, UK14 at 159cm :)

Type 4: The strappy jailbird jumpsuit
This one is as comfy as your PJs! ;) Again, a little bit short for me - although a thinner 168cm person wouldn't find it too short - but I love the funkiness of the stripes! :P Way easier to pull off than pocketed harem pants - goes very well with a single-coloured blazer, vest or jacket. The cutting is really nice and the quality is top-notch. :D

Style Ideas?
Don't worry, I've done some Googling and here's a quickie to start you off on how to pull off the whole jumpsuit/playsuit look! ;D There's a way to make the jumpsuit a perfect outfit for any occasion - whether your Sunday brunch, Saturday bazaar, or Monday at the office! :)

Hope that's given you enough ideas and inspiration to start with! :D
If you have any style ideas for your jumpsuit outfit, do share by leaving a comment! ;)

This product review is sponsored by Jessabella's Plus Size Stealz

Click HERE to start shopping for your jumpsuit! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


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