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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Product Review: The Yogazzo Phenomenon

Myth: It's wrong to wear yoga pants when you're not doing yoga.
Fact: Some days are just made for yoga pants. :P

Whether you're a Hollywood celeb, tuition-chaffeuring mum, college student or corporate exec - you need a pair of yoga pants. Sometimes in the online shopping community, these are called "palazzo pants", like in Lalina Boutique. I'm not so sure if either term is entirely accurate, so let's call them "yogazzo pants" for the sake of a diplomatic review. :D

You can wear them if you're famous, skinny, pregnant, or bootylicious!

Now, most of us will know how insanely comfortable these yogazzo pants are - the soft, swinging material, the heaviness of the good quality ones that ensure they drape your hips and limbs well without clinging too closely, or the hip-hugging ones that do cling closely enough to reveal toned posterior areas ... but the ones that are sold about town are usually just so small, they wouldn't be flattering on hips any larger than UK10!

And as I know all too well myself... not everyone is UK6-10 :(

Thank goodness someone somewhere manufactured these in all sorts of sizes. :D From the people who brought you plus-sized maxi skirts, comes plus-sized palazzo pants! :D

Lalina Boutique - for plus sizes & more!

They've brought in a collection of yogazzo pants in XL, XXL and XXXL! For only RM39 per pair, it even comes in 6 different colours for you to choose from. :D

If you only want to try one, I recommend black as your must-have basic!

Personally, after trying a pair of the black ones, I recommend size XL for UK12-14, XXL for UK16-18, and XXXL for UK20-22. The reason being, my hips are UK20 at 48 inches, and they fit the XXXL nicely. :) Of course, these ultra-stretchable pants will stretch to fit any larger sizes, but if it's too clingy/fitting, it won't be flattering on any bulges!

The XXXL pants were also a little bit too long for me at 168cm (5'6"),
but they fit my aunt perfectly at 5'8" and UK20-22.

If it's too long for you, you can always get them shortened. :D Better too long than too short, because it's very, very difficult to get extra material added to the ends! :P You can also wear heels with your yogazzo pants - which means lengthening and slimming your legs to no end! Yay!

Grab a pair today at Lalina Boutique! :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


#1 fan said...

hey shalene! this is my first time ever commenting on a review blog, but i felt like i have to, lol.

thanks a lot! thanks for being so real, so honest and just plain friendly. i love how humble u are and ur reviews are really great and honest, it's not like u're trying hard to be someone else or something. lol sorry, i cant quite put into words what i'm trying to say.

i'm also a plus sized girl and have never been really confident about my body. but after seeing u, how confident u are and how u style urself, i'm beginning to accept and love myself the way i am.

shalene, thanks for being such an inspiration!

p/s: saw u at chic pop and was planning to say hi, but i suddenly got the jitters. maybe next time :)

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi #1 fan! :)

Oh wow, thank you so much for your wonderful comment and continuous support - it is something I will always remember! :) I am so happy that you have found this blog useful and its blogger inspiring :D *hugs!!!*

P.S: Awww, I would have loved to meet you! :D I haven't been to Chic Pop in a while though! You don't mean the most recent one right? :P I missed that!

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