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Monday, February 7, 2011

Product Review: Innisfree

I haven't quite found myself so excited about a beauty product since BB cream and face masks, so if you're looking for something to make your face less oily and clean your pores - I think I've found the solution! :D

Product: Innisfree O2 Pore Mask Pack
From: Whimsical Needs
Price: RM50

Whimsical Needs is a blogshop that sells Korean beauty products on a pre-order basis, assisting buyers in ordering from excellent brands like SkinFood, Thefaceshop, Tony Moly, MISSHA, Skin79 and Innisfree. I'm confident that their products are authentic, since their items are directly ordered from Korea on beauty sprees.

I have a real soft spot for Korean beauty products. :D You see, Koreans have such nice skin - but having spent a lot of time in Korea and having a Korean as one of my best friends, I know that that gorgeous skin doesn't come without effort. So they have fantastic products like the Innisfree O2 Pore Mask Pack, because 99.99% of human beings will probably have grime in our pores or T-zone areas prone to oiliness.

And if there's a good product available online, I'll definitely share it with my dearest YSK readers! :D

The actual 45ml product photos taken by me :)

What does this product do?
  • The 02 Pore Mask Pack contains mint and is specially designed for use on the T-zone and around the nose.
  • The mint extract can help to effectively clean the impurities inside the pores, leaving your skin clean and bright.
  • You can also use it on your entire face, which is what I do.

Why is this product so special?
  • Innisfree uses botanical nutrient extracts and organic plant essences to help various skin problems.
  • I love that it's organic and not crammed full of unnatural chemicals, so this is actually good for our skin and not merely a prettifying mechanism. :D
How to use?
  • Apply a small amount of the liquid to your face - a thin layer is enough. You can use it on "problem areas" or on your whole face. I use it on my whole face in the shower. :)
  • Leave it on your face for a minute. During this minute, the liquid will foam and bubble into a foam mask - this means that it is detoxifying and delivering oxygen to your skin. Yay! I personally love this part - the first time I tried this, I was staring into the mirror awestruck at the foam, hahaha!
  • After a minute or so - after the foaming is complete - wash off the mask with water.
Please note:
  • If you have oily skin, use it 3 times a week. If you have an oily T-zone area only, just use it twice a week. If you have dry skin, using the pore mask once a week will suffice.
  • You should be able to see results after 6 times.
  • Using the pore mask regularly helps avoid pimple breakouts, keeps the face free of dirt, cleans your pores and helps eliminate whiteheads.
I really love using this mask - it's easy and fun to use, and my skin feels so fresh and clean after using it! :D If your skin is sensitive to mint, your nose might turn a little pink for a few moments, but it will go away. My skin is pretty sensitive, but I wasn't sensitive to the mint extracts in this product.

I think it's definitely worth investing RM50 into this pore mask pack. :) I read somewhere that all the things we do to our skin before the age of 30 will reflect in our face after that, so I want this in the deal! :P

As a reward for reading this product review, we are happy to say that the first FIVE readers who order anything from Whimsical Needs will receive an RM5 discount in their ongoing pre-order batch! :) Do hurry, because the pre-order closes on Valentine's Day - 14 Feb. :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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