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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Guest Blogger: There Are No Ugly Women.

By Nathalie Yong (Guest Blogger)

Product: Ceautical Skincare | From: AnekaMaya Online Store

Ever wanted beautiful and glowing skin but afraid that seeing a dermatologist or beauty salon would burn a huge hole in the wallet? Or worse, you’re shying away from the salons as you fear those pushy beauticians/therapist are pushing their endless packages or products which you may not actually need at all?

Fret not anymore with AnekaMaya Online Shop. They have a whole range of Ceautical Skincare which is recommended by skincare professionals. It has been used by doctors and dermatologist and have been successfully proven to reduce skin blemishes, scars, black spots without undergoing any painful surgeries within days of usage.

To put their reputation to the test, I personally tried some of their products to share my experience and opinion with YSK readers. :)

Type 1: Ampoules

  • Neutralizing ampoules: Normalizes skin, contains collagen and elastin for renewal of scar, suitable for makeup, gives skin a glow and healthy cells, ensures skin stays hydrated. Smoothens out wrinkles
  • Hydrating ampoules: To hydrate & soothe skin. Contain trace elements and minerals to combat dry, dehydrated & dull skin. Suitable for open pores skin as well. Use regularly for glowing & flawless skin
  • Whitening ampoules: Bleaching & whitening, clarifies dark spots, contains combination of vitamins & vitamin derivatives which are able to suppress the formation of melanin
  • Vitamin C ampoules (Phytoderm): Has purifying and astringent qualities. Detoxifies the skin and tightens pores.

Personal Review:
  • Tried the products above and the ampoules leaves very minimal or almost none traces of oil on my already oily skin.
  • It absorbs into the skin easily and some you could feel your skin tightening the next 5 minutes into using it.
  • Of cause the usage of ampoules are most effective if used with some face massager or self massaging to ensure it penetrates deeply into your skin.
  • For a better lift or to create a sharp chin, always massage your chin upwards for a better lift to prevent sagging or double chin.
Type 2: Serums (1)

Besides the ampoules,
AnekaMaya Online Shop also offers an array of serums namely:
  • BOTOX SERUM: Natural Non Surgical Antiaging Lifting Treatment Serum! For facial volume loss and regeneration of aging skin
  • 24K GOLD SERUM: This treatment incorporates pure 24K gold in facial massage. Pure gold helps to restore collagen, assists in protection against pollution effects & damaging UV rays & helps to increase blood circulation. All natural ingredients used in this treatment rebalance the face & fragrant warm poultices filled with herbs & spices create a truly exotic experience
  • HYALURONIC ACID SERUM: A concentrated formula that is developed to increase your skin's water reserve. It promotes circulation for long-lasting hydration and results in a more youthful-looking and radiant complexion

Type 3: Serums (2)

  • SCAR SERUM: Eliminate scars on face or even small spots on body.
  • ACNE SERUM: Based on a natural acne complex which regulated and balances oily skin, purifies the pores, helps regulates sebum production, soothes irritated and blemished skin. Target acne prone skin. Soothes skin and prevent outbreak.
  • COLLAGEN WHITENING SERUM: Combined 2 in 1 collagen and whitening serum which provides superb firming and whitening of the skin.

  • CAVIAR: Improves your skin's texture and elasticity, resulting in a tighter and finer skin. Recommended for all skin types, specifically all mature skin.

Type 4: Masks

  • If you are blessed with a blemish free skin, you should not miss trying out their masks. Their ice spring range is the best mask you could reward yourself on this hot CNY season.
  • You could feel the cooling effect the moment you apply it to your face.
  • Grounded into powder, you can mix with water in accordance with the amount needed.
  • For my face, I could use 2 applications with a packet.
  • I love the strawberry ice spring as it leaves the yummy-licious sweet fragrant after application.
  • However if you prefer less work, perhaps you could opt for the peel off mask which offers an instant refreshing feeling after application.

Please do take note that these products are all tested by pharmacist in a laboratory, hence it’s safe for skin with PROVEN top notch quality. All serums/ampoules has to be used up within 3 days after its opened to ensure its quality; tested based on 2 times application daily.

So gals, looking good need not be expensive afterall with AnekaMaya. As Coco Chanel once said, “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”.

Happy Shopping!
Nathalie a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)


Anonymous said...

.....this is a self promo advert ler. why would you let her post this ysk. shud let datin or sabrina or michel or ysk yourself write the review so be neutral n more fair...how to take this seriously

no offence ^^

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi there! :) lol I'm sorry, but were you under the impression that Nathalie owns AnekaMaya? Hahaha rest assured she has no affiliations with them whatsoever. Nathalie is a personal friend of mine who helped me test products that I didn't have time to persoNally try myself. When I wrote 'from AnekaMaya' I meant the products are from there - not the writer. I apologize for my poor editing :)

Nathalie said...

Hi Anon,

Nathalie here, I'm sorry if you find this review sounds like an advert. However I'm just a guest blogger with no affiliations with Aneka Maya and I stress that the reviews I wrote is purely based on what I felt and experienced.

Perhaps too much "self promoting" articles sometimes might have adverse effects on our readers; be it a genuine review or not.


:) said...


I hope you take this the right way, but this review isnt too good. I cant blame anonymous above for assuming Natalie is from the blogshop, not reviewer, cuz of the review itself.

Not to mention poor experience for readers due to "Of cause the usage" and such. Dont shoot the messenger, but we all really prefer reading reviews from yourself or select guests as not all the guests are a good read. I notice there's been a lot of new guest bloggers in the past month and I get that you probably must delegate as you get a lot of review requests but do screen your reviewers better? I liked the blogger from the VV, YSK and VV has that fun writing style more than promoting items, and the Datin series was interesting too and had its own concept. But kudos to VV for the first time after all that silly NOS controversy, (although i probably wont be a buyer Ill definitely be a reader)

Otherwise, keep it up! Ive been your reader from when this blog was a tiny 8-item thing! :) kudos for being imho the best reviewer in town!

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi :),

Thank you for your comment, constructive criticism is hard to come by and greatly underestimated in value! :) I also appreciate your support so much, especially that you've seen us through thick and thin from the tiny 8-item thing! :D Hahaha!

I apologise for the typo - it is my job as blog editor to proofread and edit all of the Guest Bloggers' articles, and I'm afraid sometimes I make mistakes and miss some mistakes. :P I will be more careful in editing in the future.

We only have four permanent Guest Bloggers: Cynthia, Mechell, Nathalie and Anna. I try to assign different products to different bloggers based on their expertise and availability.

Sabrina (VV) is our Guest Blogger for 4 products only - 1 of which has been published, and 3 are underway.

For this review on AnekaMaya products, I would have found it impossible to take this on personally on top of other product reviews I'm working on - and if it weren't for Nathalie stepping up, we would not have been able to share this review with our readers at all. Reviews on products like this are exceptionally difficult to carry out and even harder to put a creative spin on it, and I am definitely grateful to Nath for doing this product review. :)

Nonetheless, all of us on the blogger panel will strive to improve our reviews every time. :D We may not always pull it off, but we'll always try! :D

Keep reading! :D And keep commenting! Hehe!

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