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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wardrobe staple pieces!

Here's a popular misconception about shopping kaki-ism: the myth that we don't need the stuff we buy anyway. XD

Here's the truth: We may not need every single item we buy, but some must-haves that are wardrobe staple pieces have been unfairly dismissed as unnecessary! :(

The low-down on 5 must-haves in your wardrobe:

Must-Have #1: The Backless & Strapless Bra
Come on, ladies, the FreeBra is a must MUST have for all your backless, strapless needs! :D Also serves as useful padding to fill up chesty dresses. ;) These were available everywhere about a year or so ago, but now they're hard to come by online - so happy to report that Sista Closette has them in all 4 cup sizes!

Freebra from Sista Closette RM25

Must-Have #2: The Maxi Dress
Hehe this is Your Shopping Kaki you're reading! XD Of course I'm gonna say the maxi dress is a must-have. :D :D :D For lazy days when you can't figure out which top to match with which bottom, or for the beach or for the mall or for classes or for formal events. This is one versatile piece that once you have, you cannot do without. ;)
Less common maxi dresses from Sista Closette

Must-Have #3: Don't forget your pants!
Just like you don't want to leave the house forgetting to wear your pants, don't forget to dress your wardrobe up with the 5 essentials of two-legged bottoms: jeans, leggings, shorts, formal and nonformal.
High-waisted shorts and tapered trousers from Sista Closette

Must-Have #4: Potatoes in a jacket
Cardigans, jackets, blazers - whichever is more your thing, go for it! :D This country may be a li'l warm for layering all the time, but if you spend your time moving from air-conditioned place to another - like yours truly always seeks to do XD - you'll be swell! :) It adds a pop of colour if your clothes are dull, and it hides flab if you've been a bit too enthusiastic about post-CNY snacks. Hehe!

Formal and casual cardigans from Sista Closette

Must-Have #5: Luck be a lady tonight
This is admitted one of the best perks of the female wardrobe - o' dresses, pretty dresses! :D We have an endless palette of fabrics, patterns, colours - from the weight of the material to the feel of the lining against your skin, from cotton tank dresses to silky lace bodycon dresses ... to the ever-graceful sundress. :D

Dresses from Sista Closette

I hope you feel inspired to shop away for some must-haves! :D Items pictured in this article are available at Sista Closette for under RM50, plus YSK readers enjoy an RM3 rebate with the password "I Love YSK & SC!". Additional RM2 rebate if you make payment within 24 hours ;)

For sale items in Sista Closette: Purchase above RM100 purchase and enjoy free postage to West Malaysia (above RM110 for East Malaysia).

Another juicy piece of news is that you can combine your purchases with those from their sister store, House of Leggings - where you can get just about any leggings you need or want! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


JZ Beauty said...

hey there,
i wonder if you can feature us since we are in the beauty line. But considering you review about the cosmetics and skincare i guess that would be ok. =)
thanx neway.

Do visit us at http://jzbeauty.blogspot.com

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi :) Of course! Just drop me an email at yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com. Even if we can't assure a feature we will still link you up under our Cosmetics blogroll. :D

Anna said...

Just wondering if you guys could do a review on another stick on bra.. just seen it online and have been wondering if it really works or if it works better than the "traditional" silicon stick on Link: http://attireattic.blogspot.com/2011/07/batch144-magic-push-up-bra.html

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