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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Think Magnitude Designs.

Some stores just have so much OOOMPH!, bursting with so much passion and effort that I feel they should have their own theme song. Kinda like how Superman has that "daa... dah dah dah dah!"

So here's a fairly new store we found so unique, we just had to introduce it to you - together with a very detailed Q&A which you can read to get to know one of our new favourite stores better! ;)

Presenting ... Magnitude Designs!

Magnitude Designs

Now, eventhough Magnitude Designs is a new store, the people behind it are no strangers to the online shopping community. The owner has run a pretty established blogshop in the past, and now she's back - like a v2.0, hehe!

Each item carefully handpicked - from swimwear to cocktail dresses, from casual to formal apparel, this new online store has got it all! And as we all know, presentation is about the MOST important element in online selling because we can't touch and feel the items - and Magnitude Designs has got the presentation of their items totally perfect. I literally feel like that mannequin is a real person - a fashionista! - who dressed herself, because the clothes look SO good.

Another thing I really like about Magnitude is that their outfits are very realistic and practical while being fashionable - the kind of clothes you can picture yourself wearing! I think that's really important. :)

  • YSK: How did Magnitude Designs come about?
  • Magnitude Designs: I started venturing into the online business world with the opening of Miirage with my sister in 2009. Unfortunately, we had to put Miirage to a stop as I was having difficulties coping with my last two semesters and my sister started her new job at an audit firm. After graduating with a Diploma in Fashion Design and Retailing, I am currently furthering my studies by taking my degree. The workload for my degree course is significantly less as the course focuses solely on the retailing side of fashion. I have more free time thus I decided to give this online boutique business another try. I want to give it a more serious and professional approach, improved in every aspect. This marks the start of Magnitude Designs. After much consideration, I have a better outline of my future and I see this as my starting point. Rest assured if all goes well, Magnitude Designs is here to stay and will be running for a long term.
  • YSK: Tell us about the people behind Magnitude Designs.
  • Magnitude Designs: The company structure of Magnitude Designs is incredibly simple which is just my boyfriend and I. I have a Diploma in Fashion Design and Retailing while my boyfriend is a Graphic Design and Multimedia graduate; both from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. Basically we delegate tasks according to our respective fortes. I am in charge of selecting the clothes, stock count, taking orders and sending parcels while his responsibilities include designing and updating the website plus creating banners and digital artworks as needed. Both of us take part in photographing our products. A lot of effort is put in changing the mannequin into the clothes as well as accessorizing it. We place great importance in the pictures of the products as clear pictures from different views are crucial. Although tiring and time-consuming, we had so much fun photographing our products using our home-made studio and dressing up the mannequin. It is exceptionally humorous seeing my boyfriend taking part in a girly activity such as dressing up the mannequin. :P Besides earning some side income, I am very passionate on running this online boutique as it is related to the field that I studied and I enjoy every bit of it from selecting each product, photographing them and packing them into parcels. I also believe this is a start to the many big dreams that I have in mind. ;)
  • YSK: What kind of products do you sell?
  • Magnitude Designs: Versatility is of great importance as everyone’s fashion sense is different. What you can expect from Magnitude Designs is a wide range of selection catering for different people and different occasions. From elegantly exclusive cocktail dresses for special events to comfy weekend dresses, classy tops to vibrant casual tops and also a small collection of swimwear. Each and every item is lovingly handpicked and quality is essential. We believe that quality is a necessity, not a luxury.

  • YSK: What can we expect to see more of in the future?
  • Magnitude Designs: Magnitude Designs is still fairly new and our clothing collection is constantly expanding. In the near future, we wish to bring in more fashionable apparels and working attires, suitable for the modern and independent women of today. We wish to provide a shopping haven that is not only specifically for young adults but also for working class women. If everything runs smoothly, we hope to widen our range by retailing shoes, bags and accessories. As for the far future, being a Fashion Design and Retail graduate, I hope to start my own label and produce exclusive designer collections. With any luck, I am really looking forward to own a physical boutique and retail my personal creations. I believe this online boutique has a lot of potential and serves as a great stepping stone for me in my future plans.
  • YSK: What are the styles inspired by?
  • Magnitude Designs: The clothes on sale are not inspired by a specific theme or trend. We try to bring in a variety of selection so that there is something for everyone. However, we do make sure that each piece have their own unique element and fulfil the basic requirement of an apparel should be which is comfortable, tasteful and stylish. We do not believe in blindly following the latest fashion trends, but actually wearing what suits you and what looks best on you. We love bringing in apparels that are effortlessly chic and wearable on a daily basis, fashionable without sacrificing comfort, hence providing the best of both worlds.

  • YSK: Why did you decide to call your store Magnitude Designs?
  • Magnitude Designs: I chose the name “Magnitude Designs” as I personally love the word “Magnitude” because of its meaning which conveys strength and influence, which is what I would love to have in the name of my future label and boutique. I suggested this name to my boyfriend and he seconded it as he also thinks that the word itself is catchy, bold and edgy. That gives me the confirmation I needed and we happily settled for Magnitude Designs.
  • YSK: What is the price range of your products: highest, average, lowest?
  • Magnitude Designs: For basic apparels such as T-shirts, they are priced at RM 35 and above. As for tops, the price ranges from RM40 to RM60, depending on the design and quality. The price range for dresses starts from RM50 to RM99. Dresses with exclusive designs plus top-notch quality and material come with a higher price tag but we can assure you that they are worth splurging on. ;) Lastly for swimwear pieces, they are priced at RM 99 and RM 109. Again, for their exclusive design and superb workmanship, these swimwear pieces definitely worth every penny.
  • YSK: Do you have any promotion on your store now or for YSK readers?
  • Magnitude Designs: Magnitude has an all-time promotion which is free postage for purchases of RM 120 or above. But specially for all YSK readers, we are offering a 5% discount on all items! Simply state “I’m a YSK reader!” under the “Any inquiries or special remarks” section on the order form and you are entitled to a 5% discount on all items with no strings attached. ;) Do note that this discount is only valid once per individual and cannot be used multiple times. Promotion period starts from 5th of February 2011 to 5th of March 2011.

Get blown away.
Visit Magnitude Designs for yourself!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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