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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Product Review: Maxi Skirts

If you've been following this blog for at least a month, you'll know that I'm a maxi dress advocate. Buy them, wear them out, they're so beautiful and flowing and expressive and un-boring!

So when something called "maxi skirts" came along, I was like, "Wha? What's this?" Needless to say, the name intrigued me enough to finally try out the trend!

Maxi skirts are designed to give a longer silhouette on anyone of any shape or size. While some people worry that maxi dresses will make them look poofy and larger than they are - as some maxi dresses really do make people look poofy if the material isn't heavy enough - maxi skirts are more fitted and clingy. ;)

The two most common types are the flare (A-line) maxi skirts and the mermaid skirts.

But I gotta admit, I wasn't quite convinced - I've never been a fan of skirts! So, the good people at Lalina Boutique decided to take on the challenge of convincing me and sent over a maxi skirt to me to blog about their super-stretchable cotton jersey maxi skirts.

"It looks stunning on the model at Lalina Boutique, but she's got such great curves!" I thought to myself.

The maxi skirts are available in 3 colours - grey, black, dark blue - but I chose black because ... when in doubt, choose the black one! :P

They've had tonnes of orders and restocked these skirts in all colours for two rounds already, so I figured I should give them a try too! :) So I tried it. And I was pretty blown away by the soft, comfy, flowing material - clingy but not too tight, and plenty long enough! :D

Here are the photos I took of myself in the maxi skirt:

With a lace cropped top | With a tube | With a top tucked in and the skirt worn lower

The skirt is a perfect for my height - 168cm or 5'6" - so I think it might be too long for anyone shorter. But it's a great skirt, a really beautiful skirt, so I reckon it's worth sending to the tailor to alter - or maybe ask your mum or grandma if she can make it shorter for you. :D Or... just wear with heels! XD

In terms of sizing, I'm actually a UK16-20 with 48" hips. The maxi skirt is very stretchable, so if you don't mind it being a little snug, it'll fit up to UK20-somethings. If you don't mind it being a little looser - but without being anywhere close to falling off - I think UK10 hips will fit this skirt well too. :)

I really love this skirt, I think it will be a new staple piece in my wardrobe from now onwards! :D I have an unreasonably soft spot for cropped tops and an aversion to baring my belly rolls for the world to see, so maxi skirts are the perfect solution! ;D

The maxi skirts are available at Lalina Boutique for only RM45 each. :D Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions for me! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Anna said...

I happen to be looking for long casual skirts for a friend :D

Around UK6-8 though.

Drop me a mail if anyone has it (maxi skirt, gypsy skirt, etc. as long as it's long and casual :).

Thank you!!

Manik Manique said...

I think maxi skirts are amazing! I just got one black one like the one you got Sha Lene, and i love it to bits.

Helpful note to anna: Got mine at only RM29, from one of the stalls around Tesco. Fits from UK6-14 ish I guess =)

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