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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day gifts for the boys!

Ah, Valentine's Day! It's a day for everyone to celebrate love - and what better way to show your love on Valentine's Day than through gifts? :D Hehehe!

It's easy enough to figure out what girls want - yes, boys, it's easy! :P - because 99.999% of girls will appreciate a bouquet of flowers (a single stalk if you want to be romantic/economical!), chocolates and/or diamonds ... or if you feel you know your girl well enough, try personalized gifts like handmade photo frames or customized jewellery with her favourite quote/her name/a picture of both of you together! :D

But ... what do we get our boys? O.O


Girls, if you've been cracking your heads on what to buy for the boyfriend/husband, rejoice! There's a new menswear blogshop in town, and it's just as fun to shop for the boys! :D

From the artsy, edgy, long-legged uber chic fashionista who brought you Peep Boutique, comes Peep for Men - the latest online store specializing in menswear. :D

Let's check out some of the great gift ideas, shall we? ;)

Idea 1: Guys have a thing for graphic tees
Maybe it's supposed to make up the lack of maxi dresses and floral bustiers, but young guys sure love graphic and statement t-shirts! :D At only RM35 per tee and plenty of designs in-store, you'll be able to jazz up your man's wardrobe with a cool tee collection at an affordable price! :)


Idea 2: A smart shirt is as good as a smart car (well, almost!)
I've gotta give some credit to the rising metrosexual of the 21st century - he shops at Topman (the best ones gun for the biannual 50% sales!) and haggles his way through Petaling Street, and scours bargain bins as deftly as his female counterparts in Berjaya Times Square. He doesn't wear butt-ugly green-and-orange sneakers with grease stains on the front and sides, but plays it cool with flip-flops or clean-lined sports shoes. So now, we've gotta give him a chance to shop online too! XD The smart male shopper will be sure to appreciate these smart shirts - under RM50 and suitable for every casual-to-semi-formal occasion.

Idea 3: Sexy vests aren't just for the girls ;)

You've seen our favourite Hollywood male celebs rock the vest at awards shows and boulevards - let your man rock the sexy vest too! :D Goes well with a tee or a collared shirt, so these vests will dress up an outfit easily. If he has a badge collection, he can even pin his badges on to the vest to show off to his friends! :D


Idea 4: Cardigans are a Can Do!
C'mon, if girls can do it, so can guys! :D In the name of gender equality and men's fashion, I think that guys can look totally hot in cardigans if they get the right fit and wear it with the right outfit! ;) With these checkered cardigans, a tee/shirt and slacks will do great, but maybe avoid three-quarter Bermudas with this particular set. XD
Web Web

Are you inspired to shop for your man? :D Also check in-store for RM19 skinny ties! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


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