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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I like that.

If you do too, then show it! :D
Two little steps to help this very creative team win the competition they're in. :) I don't know the details about the competition, but I know that I like the very fashionable and fun-loving video! :D

See the comments for more details.

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

Catherhea said...

Hi all!

This is Catherhea here, speaking on behalf of Rooks and thanking all those who have helped, especially you, Sha-lene!! <33

Anyway, since Sha-lene has requested that I further elaborate deets on the competition, here goes! :)

Basically this is a marketing/branding competition which is being organised by L'oreal. A dear friend of mine, Melly Ling (also a contributor of Tongue in Chic) has honoured me with the opportunity of working with her in the creative department, and this video was one of the things we came up with.

I know some may feel as if this is just another popularity contest, but we had a vision and really worked hard on this. We really want to show the world that Malaysia can be fashionable too and that we have our own troop of creative people! This can happen if we can secure a place in the finals, which will happen in Paris. (Yep, this is pretty big.)

We will be judged by the executives themselves based on the work and presentation, but hey, some show support always helps, right? :)

I hope you guys enjoyed the video, and that it triggered a strong belief in the things that the fashionable artsy-fartsy Malaysians that we are can do!

Please do support us by liking the photo album. The more likes we have, the greater our chances of securing a place in the finals.

And do keep yourselves updated with our group on our fan page! Rooks, that is. :) We have released an album of pictures which you guys should check out! ;) And we are releasing more things soon, things that we've worked on!

Oh, you guys can submit a style shot of yourself as well! In the fan page I mean. With your own personal motto too! It'd be great if you guys could show your support, and in advance, I thank you all very very much!! You all rock!! <33

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