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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Product Review: Mulberry Alexa

Visualize the words escaping from my lips: Mulberry Alexa.

Mulberry Mulberry Mulberrrrry.

One of the hottest "it" bags ever and an absolute must-have in the bag lover's collection, this iconic satchel bag is one of those rare gems that are both gorgeous *and* practical! :D

Complete with a handle to tote it handbag-style, and a long adjustable and detachable sling to wear it messenger-style or on your shoulder, it's no wonder that the Mulberry Alexa has inspired similar designs to be sold in our online shopping community. :D If there's demand, there will be supply, right? Hehe!

So, when I saw the Mulberry-inspired bag in my favourite colour - YELLOW! - at Hearts Fashion, I knew I just had to get it.

Mulberry Alexa inspired bag from Hearts Fashion, RM60

It's also available in black and brown if schoolbus yellow isn't to your liking. XD I've never seen it available anywhere else in yellow before, so you can see why Hearts Fashion caught my eye! :D

Here are pictures of all the details:

Features I love:
  • An easily accessible turnlock and magnetic clasps for extra security. And a zipper too!
  • Solid PU leather - I've been using this bag a LOT for the past month, whether for serious trekking trips or serious shopping trips - and I'm proud to say it's been through the mill and emerged sturdy and fresh as ever! :D
  • Nothing broke - I brought this bag travelling with me, and I was really paranoid that something would give way because I crammed so many things into it. I was worried the turnlock would unlock itself, or the sling would fall off, but nothing of that sort happened. XD
  • Roomy, oh so roomy - For such a medium-sized satchel, you won't believe the amount of stuff you can fit into it! I brought it to the beach and had to fit a very thick novel, oversized sunglasses, a bottle of water, my wallet, passport, notepad, pen, lip balm, camera, cellphone, sanitary pads, and tissue paper. And - don't ask me how I know this, but if you remove the novel, you can fit in a ridiculously large bottle of rum. THAT'S how much stuff you can stuff into this bag! :P

There are three pockets inside the bag - one with a zipper for more precious things :)

Visualize the words escaping from my lips: Mulberry Alexa.

Mulberry Mulberry Mulberrrrry.


Click here to grab your ready stock Mulberry-inspired bag from Hearts Fashion today. ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

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